Originally from WA, I now reside in Melbourne, official city of Literature #2. I’m a writer. I’m what’s called an ’emerging writer’. As soon as I recemergingeive my egression papers I’ll let you know.

It all began when I was nine and got hit on the head by a wayward football and so began my retreat from team sports, loud noises and other children, and my penchant for quiet rooms with comfy chairs took hold.

Much to my father’s chagrin (in his head I was destined for the courtroom), I ended up studying Arts and it  became apparent that playwriting and directing were things I was pretty good at, and that of course, lead me to the firm belief at the age of 19 that I was destined for unparalleled greatness. I finished my degree, was involved in a new Theatre Company in Perth called Embryo Theatre Co. for which I wrote and directed several shows for a few years, gathered up my quill and notebook and jumped on a plane to London to my awaiting destiny (stardom, fame, fortune).

Almost three years later, I was well traveled, a champion barmaid, and broke enough that on my homeward journey I spent a lonely 48 hours sleeping under a row of chairs at Singapore airport because I didn’t have enough money to pay the airport tax. I eventually made it home (and may I take this opportunity to extend a warm and heart-felt thank you to the Qantas staff at Singapore airport who donated food and orange juice for my 48 hour vigil to the humble airport chair) and after four months lounging around my mother’s pool, finally decided to pick up the pen once more.

The spawn of my endeavour was a one act play called ‘Love Me, Love My Whipper Snipper’, produced at The Blue Room in 1998. It was actually quite successful, despite the terrible title. After that came ‘Grab’; a one act play produced for the Artrage Festival. Then came the long, dark night of the soul.

Okay, a bit dramatic, but it was during this period of five or six years that I somehow forgot that writers write. I was infected by that terrible disease of wanting to be a writer without actually writing anything. This is not writer’s block. I don’t believe in writer’s block. In my most humble opinion, writers who complain of writer’s block are merely frozen in abject fear. Nothing to worry about. Just. You know. Abject fear.

Still, I got a few things done. I became a personal trainer, a State Figure Fitness Champion, a masseuse, and a Corporate Health Consultant. (Yes, when stuck in the grip of abject fear, go the health road, that’s my suggestion.)

And now? Well, somewhere along the way I did start writing again. I still have absences and I now write for a living in the not-for-profit sector and I think that probably doesn’t help a lot of the time, but the grip of that abject fear has finally loosened its hold. My first novel is being published in early 2015 and am I currently working on the next one, inspired by the arrival of our beautiful baby daughter, Charlie in August 2014.

INBA Figure Fitness 2003
(In case you thought I made this whole thing up.)

INBA Figure Fitness 2003


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  1. chughes

    Wow, you’re buff!

    i am going to buy your book based on its title alone! Now i am off to look at your writing.

    Thanks for visiting my page. ~christine


  2. spiritwoman

    Hi, really like your spirit! It sparks through in your writing, and am definitely looking forward to your book. Going to put you on my blogroll straightaway.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, btw.


  3. Thanks SpiritWoman! Glad you came by. See you soon.


  4. I like the term incubation period. A period all of us go through as we prepare to be the real us. My incubation period was just much longer than most.
    You will do well with your book


  5. Just found your blog and am impressed wtih your writing, Simonne – I’ll drop by again.


  6. Thanks for the compliment Oscarandre! Drop by any time.


  7. Just reading this, if you were a superheroine, that would be one cool origin story. Two thumbs up from me.

    On a totally useless rant all about me, when I write short stories I always forget about them and leave them on my comp’s hard drive.


  8. Wengistein, but I AM a superheroine!!


  9. ZOMGWTFQQTBBQ!!11!111!!! Can I please have a signature?

    I wonder what your powers are? The ability to become buff in under a second and the ability to create rainbows everywhere you go!


  10. Yep, you guessed it!


  11. I love the title of your blog, and your book’s title is also great. I’m looking forward to reading it. Good luck.


  12. It is a ripper isn’t it abarclay? I have to give some credit to my friend Gordon for that!


  13. I’m impressed by the story. You remind ve my favorite quote and I’d like to share with you.

    Life is what happens while we’re busy making plans. – John Lennon


  14. Yes! That’s a perfect quote for me! Thanks Hakansuer.


  15. hello, simonne,

    you got a unique blog here! i’m glad i found you in blogosphere!


  16. hello, simonne,

    you got a unique blog here! i’m glad i found you in blogosphere!


  17. Paul Baylay

    What a unique, talented and inspirational writer you are.

    More please!


  18. Thanks Sanjida and welcome!
    Paul – such a compliment from YOU! Thank you.


  19. romi41

    What a fantastic little tale on how you got into the writing…it really fascinates me to hear how people started out…

    Any-hoo, I have the sneaking suspicion that I’ll be spending a lot of time here, and clearly I have a lot of catching up to do 😉

    PS: LMAO at “helps stressed out office workers learn about Super Foods and Healthy Poos”…healthy poos…lol.. (yeah, it doesn’t take much 😉 )


  20. Thanks Romi41 (here you are at 1:44, how lovely!) Yes, it sounds like you and I are going to get along juuuust fine! Come and play here any time 🙂


  21. romi41

    Okay so I just read your Spiritual Musings post and now I know what you mean by that number! Really? That’s fabulous, we WILL get along just fine 😉 …and actually, yes, I’m still reeling from that post…lovely 🙂


  22. Yes, 44 is such a cool number 🙂 Thank you re that post – it was the post that nearly never was.


  23. Hey, do you know “Stealth” from the new American Gladiator series? A good friend of mine is training her in Seattle. He told me she is really nice and smart. You seem nice and smart too so I thought you might know her.

    Be sweet 🙂


  24. Looks like a lot of good stuff around here, Simonne.


  25. Having had a look at your stuff Chris, I’ll take that as high praise indeed, thank you.


  26. Hi Simonne, I found you on Rogue Ink and after having a quick look around… am I right in thinking you’re in Perth, too?? (Scott Russell-Hill, Blue Room, Nova937…) What a freaky-but-fun small world…!!! Looking forward to delving into your thoughts a bit more 🙂


  27. Hi Sunili, yep, I’m a Perth girl. Yes, it is a small world after all! Thanks for stopping by 🙂


  28. Melana

    Hey there, Simonne

    Just wanted to drop by and see where you live…nice place! You’re on my blogroll now, so I’ll definitely be coming back to visit and take a break from my busy blog life:)

    Thanks so much, again, for stopping by my humble abode…


  29. Thanks for stopping by Melana. See you soon 🙂


  30. Geoff


    Can I ask a question?
    Did you work in the Founders Arms Pub, Blackfrairs whilst you were in London?




  31. Geoff! Geoff? How amazing! Talk about a blast from the past! Yes, that’s me alright. Boy, did we have some fun back then! Do you remember the night the Aussie barman (can’t remember his name) jumped in the Thames and saved that woman who’d jumped off Blackfriar’s Bridge??
    How are you?!


  32. thanks for that. i really hope i could… one day.
    let me know your location. thanks.


  33. dddcastillo

    I really enjoy your blog. Let me know if you would like to do a blogroll exchange 🙂

    A fan and friend!


  34. By the way my blog is in this link name. 🙂


  35. Hi dcastillo, your photos are beautiful – is your blog new? Thanks for stopping by – and sure thing re the blogroll.


  36. Ken Kiser

    You’ve already accomplished more and experienced more than most people will see in a lifetime.

    Can’t wait to hear that you have topped the NYT best-seller list.

    Oh… it’s coming… I know stuff 😉


  37. Zalia

    what number can I contact you on???
    Much love and blessings


  38. Simonne, we met today in my shop of oddities of material and maybe heartfelt stories.
    Having now read your darkly impressive musings and mused over your transformations I find I have a lot to say to you and of course, a very short time did not suffice. I would very much like to talk with you, possibly here in the strange hold of the mountains should you have a little time. Another time will arise if not.

    Oh, some dolls of mine can be found at http://www.flickr.com/photos/aza_zymurgy/ – 49k

    Your mind is rather fascinating in a good way:-).
    Oh, that book I could not think of is; A Fraction Of The Whole, by Steve Toltz. Oh how I loved this book.
    No romance, no frilly bits and certainly no weight watchers. Angela Carter would approve but not sure about Germaine Greer! She did look awfully alive for an alleged possible dead person on a recent Denton show.

    Best of luck with the Spectre filled Veruna nights and the days to follow when we get to read your visions.

    My mob is 0408330388 just in case you feel like talking with a confirmed nutter.

    Very Warmest Wishes,


  39. I have to admit that I have looked askance once or twice at the memes doing the rounds in our blogosphere, so I wasn’t immediately sure about whether or how to respond when Dave at Pics and Poems tagged me with the challenge to provide seven unusual facts about myself. I have a couple of secrets to get off my chest though, and that seems like reason enough to participate.
    It is with a certain level of perverse pleasure that I have chosen you to help carry the torch forth. Tell us all 7 unusual facts about yourself and then pass the challenge on to another 7 lucky bloggers. And remember, Dave made me do it.


  40. Yves! How lovely to hear from you! It was so lovely to meet you in your gorgeous little shoppe :). I wish I’d seen this when I was still in Katoomba. Alas, I’m home now, but I’m really glad you got in touch. I LOVE your dolls (and photography), wow! My husband has fallen in love with the Noir doll. We’re moving to Melb in less than two weeks so I’ll get hold of you once we’re settled. Are you on Facebook?

    – I’ll have to have a think about this one!


  41. Simmone,

    I have been reading your blog when ever I can for the past few months – I find it very useful and well written. I have my own blog http://www.allmindbodyandsoul.com

    I would love to add you to my blog roll and hope you will do the same – let me know your thoughts.

    When you have a moment, you should check out http://www.ShesConnected.com and add your profile, it’s a great way to promote your business and blog.

    I look forward to connecting with you and continuing to read your blog.




  42. Guy

    Hi Simmone,

    I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for such a reasonable, balanced and “hit the nail on the head” sort of review of Vivaldi’s Last Meal last Saturday in Melbourne in Australian Stage online. I couldn’t agree with you more, and as you know, I was part of it!

    One thing though – I believe that the trumpeter on the night certainly wasn’t ‘disinterested’ – just a bit nervous about being out the front. He is a true gentlemen and a lovely fellow – and a fine trumpeter as you made mention.

    All the best,



  43. I love this page and again very well written. I have been working on a book for what seems like forever, but it is a labour of love. As you know, I am new to this blog but I must say I love it. Your stories are wonderful and they challenge me to think (By the way, getting me to think is a big challenge.) Because you are such a good writer the stories have a flow to them that makes reading them a pleasure.

    I was hoping that I could put your blog on my blogroll so that I may more access it without going through all the hoops. Thank you for your great work and for your time. I will now end this mile long comment. LOL.


  44. Hello! Another Perth gal here (short-haired blonde also, but def not as buff and accomplished as yourself!) Came here via Romi and I have had a lil nose around and thought I would say hi……..so, ‘hi!’ 🙂

    I love your thoughts on your writing process – I feel exactly the same – wanting to write without actually doing it, the procrastination, remorse and paralyzing fear and the ‘hmm, now that I have actually written that down it doesn’t seem quite as good/clever/interesting’.


    • Hello Perth girl! Thanks for stopping by! Yes, the paralysing fear is tricky! I’ve learnt to ignore that little blighter and things seem a bit smoother these days! 🙂


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  46. Do you know if everyone that you have encountered seeing triple no# has anything in common, I have seen these triple fours for long time now, i believe there is something else i am suppose to do, i am looking for that guide, i believe we have something in common among us


  47. I love this! Such a great story Sim.
    Frozen by abject fear. Yup, sounds VERY familiar. Glad to hear it’s not just me. x


  48. Hi there! My name is Cameron and I have a quick question about your blog! I was wondering if you could email me when you have a chance. cvonstjames[at]gmail[dot]com – Thank you so much! Have an awesome day. 🙂


  49. Hi, just discovered your bolg and so far enjoying your writing. Looking forward to explore more of your site. Nice to read the work of other emerging writers. Truly inspiring!


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