Marlowe between the baby bump and the pregnancy pillow… Zzzzz….purrr.

Marlowe between the baby bump and the pregnancy pillow… Zzz….purrr.

My novel is being published. Published. Published! What a year 2014 is turning out to be.

I wrote Beat six years ago. The first draft secured me a residency at Varuna in the Blue Mountains at the end of 2008, which, to this day, is still one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

Beat is an interesting novel. It’s short and hard to categorize. I think because of this it struggled to find the right publisher. Several publishers sent it back to me telling me they loved the writing but weren’t sure what genre it fell into. I wasn’t surprised. It’s filmic and medical and other-worldly… are you intrigued yet?!

And then, late last year, I found Animal Dreaming Publishing and they found me, and the fit was perfect and soon Beat will be in print and in bookstores and I’ll have birthed the two most important things that will ever happen to me – my first baby and my first published novel – hopefully in the same year! Wowsers!

In other news, Marlowe is slowly coming round to the fact that there is another creature inside me and seems content enough to commune with him/her in bed at night. Pre pregnant belly he often used to curl up into my side for a few hours, usually in the wee hours of the morning. Now, there’s not only my round belly, but also a round pregnancy pillow right next to it that meets the end of the bed, so he’s been presented with the problem of where he’s supposed to fit. It took him two nights to work it out, but he now seems to have two preferred positions. The first is to climb onto the pillow and then slide into my belly with his chin resting on my bump (cuteness in the extreme), the second is pretty hilarious and I wish I could get a photo of it. He basically curls up against my legs and sticks his chin through the gap in the curve between my belly and the pillow – aka the pic above. The other night he purred into the baby bump and then snored so loudly, CJ thought it was me!

Baby bumps, books, cute kitties. It’s all good 🙂


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  1. Chiq

    So happy for you gorgeous girl. Can’t wait for the novel , can’t wait for the baby, can’t wait to catch up! Kisses from Wodonga and love across the skies to fall onto your beautiful spirit. Xxx


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