Today I stared at a giant green frog for inspiration.
He stared back.
Today I received several compliments on how I looked
and for each of those moments I stopped criticising myself.
Today my computer beeped at me like it might explode.
It didn’t.
Today I walked through an empty hospital ward
soon to be filled with sick babies.
I felt inspired and upset.
Today I thought how amazing my sister is
and I missed her.
Today I wanted to hug a friend who needed hugging.
Today a colleague drew some boobies on my work pad.
It made me laugh.
Boobies are funny.
Today I wondered what the other me’s are doing in their alternate universes.
I hope they’re planting trees and swimming across oceans.
I hope they’re living in full colour.
Because today I don’t think I lived to my full potential.



Filed under Beauty, Boobs, Communicating, Family, Flash fiction, Friends, Hothouse exercise, Humour, Inspirational, IVF, List poem, Love, Motherhood, Poetry, Women/Feminist, Writing

3 responses to “Today

  1. PG

    That’s very beautiful! Days of not meeting the full potential are hard to reflect on. Boobies are funny. xxx


  2. I agree. Boobies are funny. And some days, just staying out of trouble and keeping your head about you *is* living up to your potential.


  3. Dawn

    I liked “it didn’t come” and that’s how I read it. Realising you didn’t reach or use your full potential is more than most people have awareness of so you’re one up really.


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