Marlowe and the Minion


Marlowe’s Sunday

I’m bored.
I need a ball.
A blue ball.
I had a blue ball.
I lost it
under the fridge.
I keep standing at the fridge door
but my humans put me on a diet.
I don’t want to be on a diet.
I want my ball.
I’m bored.
I found some sparkles.
I ate them.
They didn’t taste good.
I found Bronte and bit her on the neck.
She flattened herself into pancake.
She didn’t taste like a pancake.
I wish she did.
I’m bored.
I pulled all the blankets off my humans’ bed.
I dragged them down the hall and into the kitchen.
I think I have very strong teeth.
I’m bored.
I fell asleep and dreamt I was fighting a dragon.
When I woke up I vomited.
It had sparkles in it.
Bronte looked impressed.
Only pedigrees vomit sparkles.


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3 responses to “Marlowe and the Minion

  1. PG

    LOVE the sparkly vomit!!! Only pedigrees vomit sparkles, indeed!! Haha!!!


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