Today I felt excited about a long-standing dream coming true
Because sometimes everything aligns just as you dreamed it would.
Today I realised engineers speak another language.
Today I had to stare hungry cats in the eye and admit I forgot to defrost their dinner.
It was hard.
Today I hugged my Mum.
I haven’t hugged my Mum in a long time.
Today I asked a nurse a question and realised how much nurses know about stuff.
Today I wondered if I’d ever be wealthy enough to give away large sums of money to worthy causes.
Today I realised I might get to see the morgue and it made me oddly happy.
Today I got a compliment.
Today I wished I could hug my sister.
She gives good hug.
Today I saw sexism. I see it every day.
I’m sick of it.
Today I ate raw green beans, lying on the couch, watching TV.
They sounded good and made me think of my childhood.


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5 responses to “Today

  1. PG

    That sounds like an excellent day! Except for the hungry cats, missing your sister and the sexism. I see that a lot too. Shits me.


  2. Dawn

    Not everyone gets the green beans. I do. Chelle does give good hugs. Your dreams do deserve to come true and I’m sure this one will. As for sexism, sometimes we must use it to our advantage. The other day something I organised was a problem again. Warranty was five DAYS overdue. Said warranty was not spelled out anywhere (I read the fine print). Rang, discussed situation to no avail. They could re-do at special price of $200. Asked Alan to ring. They came at 2.00 no charge and promised to be back in three weeks to re-check!


  3. It’s amazing how much is packed into each day. Things we don’t even stop to recognize. Although, hungry cats are hard to ignore. I know from personal experience. Enjoyed this.


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