It’s A Cat’s Life

My cat, Marlowe wrote a poem. He’s a literary cat.


I saw purple, I think.
I tried to chase it, but it I’m pretty sure my sister ate it.
I dream fast and loud.
I like the printer.
Sometimes I’m a lion.
I bit you because you rubbed my tummy when I wasn’t ready.
I have to be ready.
I sleep with my head upside-down because I can.
I found a stash of whiskers in the bowl on the thing I’m not allowed on.
They better be my whiskers.
I brought you a toy and you threw it.
That’s happy.
I sat on your neck because my paws were cold.
I threw up behind the lamp in the dining room three weeks ago.
You should clean more.
I like it when I curl into your tummy under the covers at night.
You’re not furry, but you’re warm.
And you feel like home.


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8 responses to “It’s A Cat’s Life

  1. Aw! I’ll tell him 🙂


  2. trevalsa*pk

    Our cat Lupin said he can empathise with this.


  3. Well that’s good Trevalsa! Lupin is a very cute name for a cat, please compliment him on it from me.


  4. PG

    Marlowe is sooooooo smart! I love that he writes poetry as well as languishing on the couch. He’s so talented!


  5. Marlowe is making me miss having a cat about the place. I think I have a cat crush on him.


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