Exploding Labia and Creative Vortexes


Well hello there. Here I am with another ‘where have I been?’ blog post. I must stop being so random.

Simply, I’ve been in an interesting hiatus. My reproductive bits do like to rule my life for months on end, you see. I’ve done more IVF again (unsuccessfully) and I’ve had surgery – which brought with it some unexpected complications. These complications did embody some somewhat humorous (nee disturbing) happenings. I’ve submitted an article to Mamma Mia about said happenings and if they’re crazy enough to reject it (it involves exploding labia so I can’t, for the life of me, imagine why they would), I’ll be sure and post it here for your unbridled amusement.

The best thing about a creative hiatus is the creativity that follows it. After many months of slogging it out in my day job, and then enforced lying around in bed, a vortex of creative juices has opened up and words are, you know, falling out of it. Cool huh?

I’ve started a new (as yet tentatively titled The Letters) novel, the idea for which came to me during several days of enforced bed rest. I was reading so much my eyes were packing up so I had to rest them too, so with nothing but the powers of my own brain to amuse me, I came up with a great idea! (Who knew my brain could DO that??) I’m also guest blogging for a wonderful new company – I will reveal which as soon as they go live – any day now. And I have a short story published in the latest Etchings (Illura Press) literary journal, which is due to hit the shelves in October.

So, I’m back, it seems. It’s been an odd six months – working and breaking and healing and resting. I guess it’s all part of the ebb and flow of my journey as a woman and a writer on this earth. For now, I flow, and I invite you to join me.



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16 responses to “Exploding Labia and Creative Vortexes

  1. Dawn Michelle

    You’re back! And with a vengeance. So good to see the creativity again. .Looking forward to reading more. xx


  2. Hi Bill! How are you? x


    • All in all, I am doing well. Thank you for asking. This old ticker of mine is still beating away and that really what matters.
      I do thank you for taking the time to visit and leave me the comment. It is always nice to hear from you


  3. I’m glad your ticker is beating away 🙂 x


  4. Genevieve Tucker (@mulberry_road)

    Oooh Simonne, that is exciting. I fervently believe Mamamia could do with some labia dynamite.
    Lovely to hear you are following the muse, and I am heartened by your ability to accept the slings and arrows of fortune.
    (PS because this is WordPress I’m giving another email address, but it is me. It really is.)


    • Thanks Genevieve – you never fail to pop up and support me when I return from one of my disappearing acts xx


      • Genevieve Tucker (@mulberry_road)

        within a millimetre of quietly disappearing myself, actually. You do give off a lot of energy when you’re here, Simonne. I hope the recuperation is going okay for you.


        • YOU can’t disappear Genevieve! The earth will tilt on its axis! x


          • Genevieve Tucker (@mulberry_road)

            well it is just a matter of trying to calibrate these things. I walked and meditated at the same time this morning and that was pretty useful!
            I think I need to hoover out some email subs…
            Something I really miss from tweeting though, is the conversation and the time to think over something before responding. It’s just gone in a flash – . so inhibiting and desiccating, the 140 chars. thing, unless you’re just there for snappy remarks.
            I miss comment boxes!! So the more exploding labia and other incendiary blogpost titles and texts around, the better!
            VIVE LES BLOGUES.


  5. Lovely to have you back…


  6. Hey, lovely lady. Thanks for stopping by the defunct dustbowl of DoctorDi – it’s so good to hear that you’re bursting with creative energy. It is palpable, Genevieve is right. Love the tentative title and hope it firms up in the writing. A great idea – boy, what I wouldn’t give for one of those!

    I must seek out your story in Etchings – congratulations! But sweetheart, I am really sorry the IVF has not worked so far. And I can’t imagine a world in which Mamamia will pass on your labia fireworks.


    • Hi Di, so lovely to see you here. Yes – a good idea! I almost cried! Thanks re Etchings, it’s a quirky little story, but one of my favourites so I’m really pleased they’re publishing it.
      Mamma Mia has not responded so there could be a hell of a story on here soon!!
      Thanks re the IVF x


  7. Genevieve, I recently hoovered heaps of email subs and I feel so cleansed now!


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