Dancing on a Greek Island

I’ve had many incarnations in my life. People are often amazed when they realise the diversity of things I’ve done and discover I’m not 102 as such diversity might suggest. And so, for your reading pleasure, here are a few of said diversities:


When I was 15 I attached the clasps to necklaces
I got paid 2c a chain
I dated a 30-year-old when I was 19 and thought I was the most exotic creature that ever lived
I’ve written two novels
I had a crush on a redhead called David for most of highschool and am pretty sure he never knew
I still have a deep fascination with redheads of both the male and female variety
I’ve stood on a freezing hill in Gallipoli at 5am on ANZAC day with my best friend and wept and loved and laughed
I worked at Red Rooster and got kissed by a rockabilly who didn’t talk
I’ve danced and sung and drunk Baileys on a Greek Island and wondered if I ever had to go home
I can pour a perfect pint of Guinness
I played the Toad in Toad of Toad of Hall
That was twenty-three years ago
I’ve eaten my way around Italy
I won a drawing competition once
I’ve swum in the Adriatic sea and emerged to see the most handsome man I’ve ever seen
I loved a girl called Suzi once. She looked like Betty Boop. I thought she was amazing
I’ve played the didgeridoo wearing a purple feather boa in Wales
I’ve been a dancer, a waitress, a personal trainer, a speech-writer, a weight loss coach, a corporate wellness consultant, a gym manager, a business development manager, a fundraiser, a masseuse, a grant writer, a playwright, a theatre director, an editor, a proof-reader, a crystal healer, a corporate relations manager, a receptionist, a bar and restaurant manager, a hostess at the races, a ghost writer, a corporate blogger, a didgeridoo busker and a numerologist
I rode a camel across the top of India
I won a state bodybuilding championship when I was 30 years old
I weighed 48kgs and dreamt only of food
I’ve cried at the Taj Mahal at sunrise
I won a biographical short story competition and wished my mother had been there with me
I laid with my Italian Grandmother three hours before she died and then wept that I wasn’t there when she left this earth
I’ve seen an angel
I cried tears of joy watching orang utans in Borneo
Once a billionaire gave me a Coco Channel dress and told me he’d look after me for the rest of my life
I rode on the back of a motorbike in Nepal
I’ve loved so hard I nearly broke myself
I’ve lost three tiny babies who couldn’t stay with me because I wasn’t ready, or they weren’t ready, or both
I see beauty in everyday things, every day
It’s who I am
It’s why I write.



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18 responses to “Dancing on a Greek Island

  1. Please don’t ever stop writing. Meanwhile, I would love to read a novel that contains at least some of your adventures.


  2. KGB

    I knew I liked you for a reason- I too had a crush on a red head called David- and then I named my cat after him xx


  3. and how old are you really beautiful soul ???


  4. Victoria

    What a myriad of experiences you’ve had. I should write mine down. But what of those things we are ashamed of? Your blog, as always, has moved me. Peace to you. Love to you.


  5. Beautiful recollections. Poignant.


  6. Sally Green

    You have worked in a health food shop.
    You got 2nd top student in high school because of your talents in the arts.
    You also got an A in postgraduate chemistry.
    You got pummelled by an enormous naked Turkish woman in a steam bath.
    You had your hair in braids then.
    You once had pink hair.
    You once had no hair.
    You were one of the fastest runners at school despite your legs being half the length of everyone else’s.
    You once played the didgeridoo in a feather boa in Wales accompanied by a girl on clapping sticks dressed as a flapper.
    A girl who still loves you in all your incarnations x


    • Well this made me cry! How you know me! I love that you’ve known me through all of this. A 34 year friendship when you’re only 39 is pretty cool. That A in biochemistry nearly killed me, but it is a major achievement in my life, can’t believe I forgot that one! And the Turkish steam bath!
      You were the best flapper clapper ever. Love you.


  7. Alisha

    I could read what you write all day my love x Where’s my copy of that book? Xx


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