What a week I’ve had. Work is crazy and stressful and rewarding and frustrating and heart-warming all as once, as only fundraising for a big event can be. My working week:


Nurses are the lifeblood of hospitals
Some people are so full of fear it spills out of them in ugly ways –
Hurts my heart to see it running down their faces and drawing on their legs
You can make friends with salad
Wealthy companies are far less generous than wealthy individuals
Rocky Road with coconut is awful
Asking can be exhilarating
Ankles aren’t made for stilettos
Jealousy is uncomfortable to watch
Accents make the day go faster
Men get hysterical too
Speaking up begets self worth
Self worth begets self love and self love cures all ills
13 babies are born 5 corridors and 60 meters from my desk every day
Sometimes I can feel it when their perfect souls dance through the building
The quality of the air changes
Like I’m being lifted from the inside
Like, for a moment, I am new again and anything is possible.



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4 responses to “Friday

  1. PG

    Oh what a delicious way to sum up your whopper week! If only I was this eloquent when dot pointing mine! I love the bits about the new babies, and the bit about people’s fear…great imagery! And accurate too. Wow! Loved this. Glad your week is over…! xoxox


  2. Well the bonus about Friday is that it’s a half -step away from the weekend ; let’s just hope you’re not working either day lol:))


  3. I love the dimensions you explore. Life in 3D. Wonderful.


  4. Dawn

    Wonderful imagery. So glad anything is possible. Sounds like a dizzying mixture of emotions and you describe them so well. Xx


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