My resolve got tested today
I drank too much coffee
I told a sad story and almost made myself cry
I imagined bees today, lots of them, and I liked the sound they made in my head
Today I saw a man with one leg in a blue dressing gown who walked like a King
I am more resilient than I give myself credit for
The clouds were closer today
I mopped up spilt coffee with a new friend
I gave a cat a massage
I ate salami and missed my Nonna
I wished I could stick up for myself more
I got a lovely email
I boosted someone’s confidence
I heard some great news from the other side of the world
I remembered horseback riding on a Welsh Mountain and
I could taste the wet ground on my tongue
I saw someone else’s pain today
It was thick, like molasses, and it wrapped around me as I walked past
I had to stand in the wind to set it free.



Filed under Australia, Flash fiction, Food, Friends, List poem, Writing

8 responses to “Thursday

  1. Kate Ringvall

    beautiful…I am so glad you are blogging again 😉


  2. Beautiful!

    Strange…I remember horseback riding on a Welsh mountain too.
    Today I rescued a bird that flew into the library. It made me feel good.


  3. Sally Green

    I remember my face swelling up and not being able to open my eyes after horse riding on a Welsh mountain.. But that’s not so poetic I guess xx


  4. sandybarker

    Love this. Visceral.


  5. Thanks for the lovely comments everyone.
    Sally, yes, that’s true, perhaps your experience wasn’t as poetic as mine! There were a lot of unpoetic guffaws going on too if I recall!


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