Today the Australian government let us all down, fucked us all over, and embarrassed themselves.
Today I thought about my mother four times. I haven’t seen my mother in over a year. I miss her.
Today I imagined myself in Tuscany, brushing my fingers across the smiles of sunflowers.
Today I wondered if I will be pregnant and 40 or just plain 40.
Today, for the briefest moment, I saw music in colour.
Today I laughed at an unexpected text message.
Today I played chasey with a cat.
Today I wondered what I would do with twenty million dollars.
Today I did not come close to fulfilling my potential.  
And as the sun dips in the sky, I yearn for sleep.
Because tomorrow I pull on my wonder woman boots, fasten my superman cape, roar out of my bat cave and start creating honest to goodness miracles.


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16 responses to “Today

  1. KGB

    Oh you are a beautiful soul, today I pray that some of those dreams do come true for you xxxx


  2. Today I read this and thought what a great woman you are.
    Thank you for you.


  3. Clive

    Simonne, Don’t change. You’re not only a writer but a philosopher.and a girl with soul.


  4. PG

    Oh I loved this. And honey – you will never be “just old plain” anything – have you looked in the mirror recently?!! Today, I realised my fake lashes were uneven. After the glue dried. Today, I felt literally sick to my stomach when I found out about the marriage equality bill not passing Parliament, feeling like something really bad had just happened and I had no control over it. Today, I also did not get anywhere near fulfilling my potential, but had inklings of SUCH FUCKING POTENTIAL. Today, I had tears in my eyes reading my bestie’s artful composition of words. xoxoxo


  5. sandybarker

    Today I read a thoughtful and powerful Blog post.


  6. Made me smile. And that last line was a treat.


  7. Dawn

    Made me cry. Beautiful, poetic n uplifting. Xxx


  8. Absolutely beautiful. You are wonderful. Made me mad, laugh, tear up and think of what I’ve thought about today.


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