Witches’ Song

The Goddesses call from before time began.
My witches, my muses, my clan.
Through and beyond the mountains, the sea, and me
we remain, the Goddesses, we.
Ancient women’s truth and lore
Virgin, mother, teacher, crone and whore.
Not time nor distance see us divided
Not by lovers or husbands or brothers united
We are connected by witches’ song
From Gaia’s womb where we belong.
Where the sea is born and the mountain lies.
Where all and everything lives and dies.


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7 responses to “Witches’ Song

  1. PG

    Oh I love it when you write poetry! It’s stunningly beautiful. Reminds me of that past life we were witches. Boy that was a fun one. Ended badly, but boy we had fun. 😉


  2. Dawn

    Gorgeous! Did you really write that? I feel I’ve read it before – maybe you wrote it before? xx


    • Yes Dawn, I wrote it 🙂 It’s new, but the title is stolen from a very dark, feminist poem I wrote at Uni and performed at a live poetry night which you came to about two decades ago!


  3. wow! those words have power 😉 ggrrrllll power!! LOVE it…it sounds like a chant to me ;-)…a summoning of the forces of nature…I likey!


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