You are yellow to me
Like sunflower wallpaper
Like lemons and eggs
Like aged skin, tinted with life.
You are purple to me
Like nail polish and violets
Like a bruise, fading but not forgotten.
You are brown to me
Like tree roots and coffee
Like earth and life.
You are green to me
Like the roof of my house
Like sour plums and jealousy.
You are pink to me
Like a soft kiss and things unspeakable
Like dusk.
You are red to me
Like Dr. Seuss and candy
Like blood and spite.
You are black to me
Like leather and licorice
Like things unknowable.
You are white to to me.
Like yoghurt and magnolias
Like redemption
You are.



Filed under Australia, Flash fiction, List poem, Poetry

3 responses to “Redemption

  1. CJ

    I like it! And woot! – lemons and eggs. Looks good in print. Hmmm…


  2. Dawn

    Love it. Gorgeous poem. xxx


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