I am naked, I am.

I am walking in the backyard. I am wondering if the neighbour can see me. See my breasts that are full and round. They don’t hang, my breasts. They jut outwards from my body like two suns cut in half. Radiating heat. Plants swoon and curve toward them when I walk past.

My belly is flat but expecting. Two sinewy ropes snake from the edge of my hip bones to my groin.

A dazzling camellia leans toward me. Presses her white face into my collarbone and tells me she’s about to die.

I walk to the bird bath and plunge my hand in. The water is brackish and cold and I wish for a goldfish to bite my fingers.

My hips are narrow, like a boy’s, but they strain with promise.

The faintest sound behind me. Camellia has thrown herself to the ground. She is dead. My collarbone weeps for her.

My thighs are white. They are muscled and freckly. They don’t tremble when I walk. But soon they will.

Plants strain toward me. Push their lushness at my face.

My hair is short. I keep its wildness in check.

In my womb is a seed that is growing. Queen of an unmanicured garden. I am the lady of the garden. I am naked, I am.



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9 responses to “Naked

  1. Beautiful. A Goddess of green things and growing things. Sending you thoughts and wishes of roundness and ripeness, and sweet fulfillment.

    xx Christina


      • I’m trying to find the artist who created the image entitled, “Wild-woman” that is on your blog.. super colorful with a whole world of nature in the woman’s head, and a little flower on her ear.. I offer a 6 part series for women called the Wild Wise Muse and I am curious about the possibility of using this art for a flyer..

        Please be in touch


  2. If it was me they’d call the police.

    Dr. B


  3. Go, you goddess good thing, you.
    I believe what you are doing is exactly what is prescribed for my winter eczema, if there’s enough sun around!!


  4. PG

    Oooh I love it when you write fiction! Gorgeous! I’m with Christina…what a lovely bourgeoning piece of writing for your current state…adore it. Love the Camelia imagery. Goddessy suits you! xoxo


  5. Kate

    I love this, especially the strong imagery of the plants and surroundings. Did you paint that picture? It’s amazing… I’d love to get something similar as a tattoo.


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