The Dreaming

I dreamt I was underwater with a big brown dog swimming toward me. The closer it came, the bigger it got. Bigger and bigger and bigger. Its paws like shovels coming at my face. But every time it lifted its head for air it floundered and grew small again. And so it went. Hour after hour.

I dreamt I was eating apples in a haystack. I’ve never been in a haystack. All I know of haystacks I learnt from John Steinbeck.

I dreamt of my feet detaching from my body and floating up to heaven to visit my grandmothers who took them on a grand adventure.

I dreamt I was so famous you could right click on my name to get the correct spelling.

I dreamt I had a tiny baby in my womb. She unzipped my skin and started to climb out, eager to see the world. I coaxed her back in with a Mozart sonata and a cup of tea and hoped she would stay there.

I dreamt of home, of lying in sun so bright it bleached my hair white and turned my bones to dust. I flew across the surface of the hot ground and was swept back to Maman.

(Maman is the Nyoongar word for God or Creator.)



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8 responses to “The Dreaming

  1. At first I thought you were talking about a dream, and then I realized this was a poem, one hell of poem dear well done….. Havenn’t been able to blog/visit but I’m so glad I’m back, now I get to enjoy your creativity once more.


  2. Simonne, I think you’ve been storing up all of these wonderful images during your time away. Your writing seems to have a particularly earthy feel to it at the moment.


  3. PG

    I’m with Maxine! It *IS* more earthy and palpable. I love the dog image and the paws and shovel and the interminableness of that one. The rest are just such gorgeous imagery – love the baby one and the “so famous” ones!! hehehe…always a pleasure to read what’s come out that head of yours! :-))))


  4. This is my first visit to your blog. Very nice.

    I have a miracle child. He’s 24 now and married but my husband and I struggled as you are to conceive.

    This may sound crazy but what finally did the trick came out of my husbands desperation. After sex he held my legs up in the air for a bit and then made me lay down with pillows under my bum for about an hour. He did that for a month and along came Will.

    We did the fertilization thing too. Pretty pricey and didn’t work for us. Our method was “alternative” in every respect lol.

    It only worked the one time. My husband wasn’t as diligent after he got his son.

    We wanted more but it just didn’t happen so we got doggies instead. My son has furry brothers.

    Hope you have great success with the fertilization. Kids are so much fun.


  5. Big

    I love the way you write. I have been aspiring to become a excellent writer, but don’t have too much technical skill. I wasn’t born speaking english you know ^.^


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