Big Sister

Remember the sock fights when it was time to put away the washing?
Remember how hot it got in summer in the cubby house with the plastic roof?
Remember the Christmas we got sent on a treasure hunt all around the neighbourhood that ended back where we started at a fabulous new swing set?
Remember how loud Dad played the Star Wars soundtrack on the record player?
Remember the purple paisley carpet in the family room?
Remember our walkie-talkies?
Our ugg boot dance?
Eating raw shortbread dough?
Going to archery?
Bike riding down the creek?
The smell in Nonna’s house?
Mooshie’s conniptions behind the lounge-room curtains?
Gran’s paper lips?
The doll-house?
Children of the Corn?
The Incredible Mr. Limpet?
Dad’s BBQ chops?
Mum’s Chinese chicken wings?
Sour plums?
Remember Italy in summer?
Florence of the bolognaise?
Greece at sunset?
Marseilles frog mascots?
Laughter in London?
And before that.
Remember Yugslavian lakes?
A night alone in Padova with the Zias?
German sausages?
A cheese fair in Holland?
A mini snowman in Switzerland?
Remember hauling that Italian boy off me on the train to Venice?
Remember the clock you brought back for me from Korea?
Remember carrying me across the back patio in summer because it burnt my feet?
Remember helping me build sandcastles at the beach in Marmion?
Remember the letters you wrote me when you left home and went out into the big, wide world?
I loved that clock.
I still have those letters.
I remember all of it.
And more.
I remember you.



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15 responses to “Big Sister

  1. Wendy Yarnold

    Simply beautiful Simonne and I smile in recognition of some of your memories from Hartung St.

    Love Wendy


  2. sandy

    just lovely. thank you for sharing.


  3. Dawn

    Crying now. Love you two both so much. xxx


  4. I’m a big sister, and I’m all weepy now!


  5. PG

    Ahhhh that was gorgeous, Mon! All those memories in one short poem! It makes me want to know the stories…What a truly beautiful ode to your dear sis….being a younger sister myself, I can relate so much to importance of that older sister role! Beautiful. Just beautiful. xoxox


  6. Suze

    I’ve never wanted a sister more than I want one right now.


  7. Simonne, what a beautiful post for your family to read – no wonder your mum was crying.


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