I am from #2

I am from Australia. I am from ‘G-day mate, how yer goin’?’ I am from clean air and big yards with rusted swings. I am from waves that pick you up and throw you down, grind your head into the sand. I am from red earth that flies up and settles on your skin like a tattoo. I am from ancient times. I am from fire and corroboree. I am from the rivers and the dried up riverbeds that cry out for salvation.

I am from my father’s house. I am from white rendering and Italian tile. I am from the smell of spaghetti that makes you weep to be fed. I am from my Nonna’s thick thumbs. I am from Ave Maria and French horns. I am from rose gardens and the smell of frangipani. I am from the sound of crickets in the night.

I am from a sister who held my hand. I am from a mother who weeps for the sorrows of the world. I am from Grandmothers who buried their husbands. I am from strong women. I am from a quince tree in the backyard. I am from bike rides and gumboots in the creek.

I am from nightmares of tidal waves. I am from war. I am from pig farmers and professors. I am from my high-heeled red wedding shoes. I am from my aunt’s violin. I am from love.



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8 responses to “I am from #2

  1. I am from a position of respect for where you are coming from, Simonne.


  2. sandy

    how beautiful


  3. Beautiful, careful, precise prose poem thingy, Simonne.


  4. Thank you, dear ones.


  5. Dawn

    bawling now!


  6. PG

    @Brad…what a gorgeous way to put it! Meeeeee tooooo!!!! It’s nice to be reminded that we’re all from these things both big and small. xoxo


  7. Wow! Interesting to see such nice article. From the starting point to downward it makes awesome to read. Lovely, to see such a nice Blog!


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