Gone Fishing

My latest literary news is rather exciting, considering all the work I’m doing at the moment, setting up my new business and still working in the other job (which requires me to get up at 5am three mornings and finish at 8.30pm three evenings, blurgh) I was pretty positive there’d be no literary news for a while. It’s true that I’ve really only written one thing in quite some time, but it seems that that one thing has been short-listed for the Fish Short Story Award – an International award hailing from the UK. This year it spawned 2000 entries world-wide with a first prize haul of over $4,500. Happy. Yes. Happy. Just happy and surprised to be short-listed to be honest. The story wrote itself very quickly and had very little editing because I liked it so much as it was, which really isn’t the way it should be or normally is, but there you have it.

In other literary news, I’ve had some great feedback on another short story from a Melbourne literary journal, who said it’s “beautifully expressed and extremely moving” but would like to see a longer draft. It’s always great to get feedback with a rejection and even greater to get an offer to look at something again. I guess I better get back to it then!

My new business venture is going well. I had my first full week in my new healing room last week and thoroughly enjoyed being in it. It will take time to get it cranking, but I’m pretty happy I almost broke even in my first week!



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24 responses to “Gone Fishing

  1. Congrats on your Fish short-listing! Fabulous news, and looking forward to hearing more.


  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here continueth The Year Of The Simonne 🙂


  3. adairjones

    Wow. This is great news and not unexpected.


  4. Brilliant Simonne! Not surprised though 😉 I love the Melbourne journal comments, especially that they want to see a LONGER draft!


  5. This is so exciting – Simonne, would you write something for the Alumni News? I’ll email you off-blog about this. Truly great – well done! And I’m also loving the request for a ‘longer draft’ – you are clearly on a roll!


  6. Congratulations my friend. I am so very happy to hear you are doing so well. With your talent it is not at all surprising.


  7. Wow wow wow my friend CONGRATULATIONS, one thing and you get nominated, you’re fantastic at what you do.


  8. congrats on the Fish shortlist! Was it the short story from the master class?


  9. oh!!!!!! fantastic!!!!!


  10. Congratulations on making that short list. Now, let’s cross our fingers that you can make that even shorter list. You know, the one with only one name on it!!!

    I’ve been away for a while, but it’s nice to see you are still alive and doing well.


  11. Congratulations! It’s all happening slowly but surely. Onwards and upwards and occasionally sideways just for fun!


    • Where have you gone to, Simmone? Maybe your new business is taking up all your time. I wouldn;t be surprised, new businesses do that but I miss your reports and it is time you wrote another poem, too. Hello,


  12. Ho Ho Ho

    Ho 😆 Ho 😆 Ho 😆
    Nice Blogs 😉


  13. Hey, Simonne – how are you? Like Paul, I hope the new business is thriving to such an extent that you simply don’t have time for us, but just thought I’d check in and say hello. xx


  14. Me again – you’re clearly taking a blog break – hope all is well with numerology, writing and life! x


  15. AB

    Congrats on the Fish! A real writer in the midst of all this chaos. Well done. Good luck.


  16. That’s epic news! Congratulations, celebrations, and hey, take your pick of any other ‘c’ words too! Cake! Crustaceans! I’m just going to start throwing ’em out there…

    Heh, hope all’s well Simonne, take it easy 😀


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