Twelve Apostles in a misty Dawn

So, my new business venture starts on Monday and I can’t quite believe it’s come around so quickly. Saturday I move in all my new furniture, including THE chair and all the bits and pieces I need and then we have the twilight opening Saturday night for friends and family and then come Monday morning I wait for clients to arrive! Gulp.

I bought some beautiful new crystals in Apollo Bay and then came home and bought some more in Williamstown, including an amazing Madagascan double terminated smoky quartz that sings to me every time I walk past it.

Our getaway in Apollo Bay was fantibilyastic. It was very rejuvenating and one of those weeks that don’t fly by, but amble along at a relaxing pace. It’s a magical spot: the bay is one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen, which for a Perth girl, is a big statement! It’s clear, still and turquoise, rain or shine and I was quite besotted by it. I’m a tree girl rather than an ocean girl, but the bay called to me and we swam several times in not very hot weather and really loved it. We even went boogie boarding!

We loved exploring the forest and did a wonderful 45 minute rainforest walk early in the week and marvelled at towering century old myrtle beech trees. We drove to the Otways lighthouse and on the way were thrilled by finding many cute koalas in the forest gums lining the road – the first time either of us had seen koalas in the wild. I kept exclaiming “There’s a tiny, furry bear in a tree! A bear CJ, a bear!” Cutest dang thing I ever did saw! (And, yes, I do realise they’re not bears, but they so look like bears and that’s enough for me.)

I’ve never been to the Twelve Apostles before and got it in my head that I’d like to see them… at dawn… which meant getting up at 4.30am on Thursday morning! I guess I’d seen too many beautiful orangey photos or something. Anyhoo, CJ baked delicious lemon and date scones for the journey and drove the hour and a half on the dark, windy road, watching out for roos, while I slept in the passenger seat. Oops. We arrived just before sunset with a few other hopefuls and a fair few professional photographers only to be greeted by a thick Dickensian mist that obscured most of the view! It cleared a little for about 15 minutes and then was so thick you couldn’t really see anything! We giggled, ate scones and enjoyed the sound of the surf pounding the dramatic coast and then had a wander around Port Campbell and had some breakfast before heading back. The drive back was incredible. We went through the national park through kilometres and kilometres of hairpin roads through the most breathtaking forest, just gorgeous and totally rejuvenating.

Another great thing that happened was that I managed to procure a mentor without even trying! His name is Peter Mackey and he runs a bookshop down there which also sells the beautiful crystals and he’s been an energy healer there and in Melbourne for many years. I met him and knew that if there was ever going to be a mentor for my healing work, then he was standing right in front of me. So I took a deep, courageous breath and asked him and that was that. He’ll be in Melbourne in March and we’re having him over for dinner for my first mentoring session. I’m not even sure what one does in a mentoring session, but there you go, I’m sure all will be revealed anon.



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6 responses to “Fantibilyastic

  1. Sounds wonderful and very exciting Simonne, hope all goes well with your new venture, as I’m sure it will. I think the green chair looks suspiciously like a Wishing Chair, so I’m sure it will bring you lots of good luck and good vibes!


  2. PG

    Ooooh Christina, what’s a Wishing Chair?? I want one!!! I think it looks like the perfect Healing Chair – given it’s green and everything – heart chakra-like. It swamps you when you sit in it. I didn’t want to get up!

    The venture will be AMAZING. Gulps not needed. You build it, they will come!!

    Besides, you’re a total natural at this healing stuff, so I know it’ll work out wonderfully! Yayyyy!!!


  3. Good luck on your new venture, the whole thing sounds tranquil and perfect… As you know you’re my number one writer, i’ve gotten some awards over at my place and today decided to start passing them along, I started with the first I received and will work my way up.
    Please come collect your award.
    I’m not blogging much lately, my illness has taken a bad turn.


  4. those crystals you got sound lovely, they’re supposed to help get rid of interference from electromagnetic waves, if you believe in that sort of thing…


  5. Hope yesterday’s opening was all smooth sailing, Simonne – that’s wonderful news! Apollo Bay sounds divine – and I love what’s left of the Twelve Apostles!


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