Chesterfields Chihuahuas and Chillaxing

How quiet I’ve been of late. I do apologise for my quiescence. And there’s about to be more of the same. CJ and I are going to Apollo Bay for a week of relaxing, reading, walking and rejigging the old batteries. Yeah! I’ve never been there before, so I’ll let ya know what I think ‘pon our return.

It comes at a perfect time as the weight loss coaching is about to go into overdrive with the launch of a 12 week challenge, of which I’m an integral part. But then, on March 1st, I get the keys to my new office and start my business at the Wellness Centre! So it’s going to be a very busy and challenging few months, but hopefully immensely rewarding as well.

I’ve been an eBay aficionado of late, buying stuff for my new room. I am now the very proud owner of the totally fabulous Chesterfield chair pictured above. I was able to view the chair before we bid on it and that in itself proved to be a grand adventure. We arrived at a rather posh house in Richmond and were buzzed through the gate and welcomed at the door by the cutest campest Puerto Rican boy wearing teenie tiny shorts, grabbing my arm with one hand, calling me dahling and holding… wait for it… a chihuahua in the other! I loved him. I loved his house. I loved his jodhpurs wearing boyfriend who told me his saddle wax was just the  best thing to use on Chesterfields. And I loved the chair. And now it’s mine.

So mostly I’m organised. I have THE chair, a beautiful desk (also purchased on eBay) and several other things that are perfect for the room. Now I just need a rest so I can come back and heal the world. Ok, maybe not quite the world yet, but you know, one by one by one.

In all things writing, I am slowly getting my head around the fact that in order to end this dry spell I must, you know, write something. I’ve submitted a short story to Sleepers because you know, you just never know, and will soon be very happy to see a story published in Etchings. That’s all folks. I’m off to relax!



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11 responses to “Chesterfields Chihuahuas and Chillaxing

  1. Dawn

    Wow! It’s beautiful. Love it.


  2. Oh, that is SO the perfect curl-up-on-a-cold-day-with-a-good-book chair! I want a chair like that for my wee studio, though fitting it in could be a problem. Of course, wet paint and leather are probably not a good combination anyway. However, I did just recently see a lovely dilapidated squashy old thing in green velvet that rather took my fancy…and it wouldn’t matter if I curled up covered in paint. I may have to go back and have another look now!


  3. Fabulous chair, and I think I love the cute Puerto Rican boy and his chihuahua. I liked how you used the word “quiescence”. Hope you have a wonderful time!


  4. That is a fabulous chair. Speaking
    of weight loss, you would so proud
    of me. I have been walking hours
    everyday, lost so much weight

    I feel like I am floating. I have
    to make three new holes
    on my belt. And yes,
    the only way to get out
    of the dry spell is to write


    (Start with another poem! They are the easiest things in the world to write. And have a fantabulous day, Simonne:)


  5. A very cool chair
    Even with lingering chihuahua hair…

    Have a great break – sounds divine – you’ve earned it!


  6. The chair is indeed nice. When I was furnishing our house, I bought quite a few items on eBay. Always the adventure, although I never got to see anything beforehand. I might have held off on one or two purchases had I been able to.


  7. Happy relaxing and even I’m fascinated by the chihuahua guy… Been quiet because I’m sick.. Missed you and love this post.


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