Got up at 5am.
Between 6-11am coached a handful of women to rethink their eating choices, stay on track, or scare the bejesus out of them.
Shook my head in disbelief that Tony Abbott really could be that dumb, chauvinistic and hypocritical.
Watched an excited and talented Chinese tennis player tell Australia that today was her bestest day in her whole life.
Received some kindly pummelling from my Osteopath who lectured me (kindly) about my spleen.
Posted a short story to Meanjin (what? a girl can dream!).
Procured my first ever significant eBay buy: a glorious deep green Chesterfield tub chair.
Had a coffee with a girlfriend at the local chocolate  café and managed to avoid eating any chocolate.
Meditated and wrote in my journal.
Attempted to sort out my mother’s IT problems via phone to WA.
Stared at my new Chesterfield online and daydreamed about sitting in it (and wondering how I’d squeeze through the front door).
Realised that I didn’t achieve all that much really, but had fun doing it!



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9 responses to “Today…

  1. that’s a huge day…any ONE of those things would be an achievement for me…!


  2. Simonne! What a year it is turning out to be already. That sounds like a fabulous day. I’m not sure that speech writing is actually a real writing job, more like puppetry, so you are better of without that one. Everything’s a learning exercise anyway. I am walking miles and my writer’s belly and my writer’s bum is gradually dissolving, you will be glad to hear. Your bloggedy blog is a joy. Rage on, I say,


  3. Hello, Simonne – that sounds like a lovely day, actually (except for the 5 am part…), although I don’t know how or why you resisted just a little taste of chocolate to reward yourself for doing things like submitting to Meanjin. Good girl – we must keep at it! I have thrown one story into the Josephine Ulrick and another into the Alan Marshall… I keep bombing out in both, but it’s all about the joy of the hunt, really – and I should know, being, after all, Diana! x


  4. Hey Simonne
    I hope I’m doing this right. Have really enjoyed ‘some’ of the/your writing, that I came upon. (did not read all. ALOT to read) but I really enjoyed it.
    Had stumbled upon your ‘Monday Musings’ randomly. Very inspirational+beautiful.

    I write too. What I call ‘writing in the mix/witm’ Stories; poetry+songs. Are you on Facebook???
    I was googleing pictures+came across your page. Lovely.

    Have a great one.

    Manz from NZ


  5. I like your spoonisms too. I think thats what they’re called. Eg: Chillaxing. 😉 1 word=a conjuction of 2 words. Chill/Relax…We use Swaz here in NZ, but I spell it with 3 zzz. Like the number 3+looks better then 1 z imho. haha lol Swazzz=Sweet as 😉

    Happy writing Simonne. Hope to hear your reply sometime.

    Have a great one.
    Manz from NZ X


  6. You have introduced me to another new world on the internet. oh dear. hahaha!!! X


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