Gathering Ye Rosebuds

What a blast off into 2010! Christmas and New Year were all about food, friends and a whole lot of fun. Here’s some photos to prove it.

This year has already brought about significant changes for me. Please chat quietly amongst ye-selves while I gather my rosebuds… stay tuned for updates…

Xmas cocktails & my new Xmas ring!

Inebriated Xmas Marilyn

Happy New Year!

Backyard fireworks

Mmmm Xmas duck & grilled polenta...



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13 responses to “Gathering Ye Rosebuds

  1. You look fab with that hair, Sim. But you know that, right? ; )


  2. go gather them, fashiom a wreathe and wear it to our next chocolate cake date πŸ™‚


  3. Happy New Year! The duck and polenta look delicious. And your hair… it’s fantastic!


  4. Wow, Simonne, you are a total knockout! And I love a year of significant change – here’s cheers to yours! x


  5. I’m starting to think *all* Western Australian women are blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauties – you’re probably the ninth or tenth I know of without even having to think. That’s more than coincidence, surely?! What do they feed you people?!

    Absolutely – I’ll have what you’re having!


    • Hmm, there are a few blonde beauties in WA, true that. Not sure about all though! We’re fed on sunshine and clear skies – it bleaches your hair and turns your eyes blue πŸ˜‰


  6. Listen, honey, I live in sunny, big-sky Sydney – by the beach to boot – and I can only deduce they sprinkle a secret ingredient across the maternity wards of WA!


  7. Dawn Michelle

    Ahem – we make em good in good ol WA – it’s the MOTHERS what do it.


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