The Human Factor and Compelling Stuff

I’m now contributing to my company’s blog, Compelling Stuff. Here’s my first foray:
Melbourne is a city of coffee drinkers. Serious, obsessive, get-out-of-my-way, I know what I’m talking about, that’s not the right size portafilter, coffee drinkers. If London can lay claim to a pub at every corner then Melbourne surely has the rights to call dibs on being the café corner of the universe.

So what was our reaction going to be to the innovative, Melbourne based company, Keep Cup? Keep Cup offers takeaway coffee for the environmentally conscious. We love carrying that steaming, fragrant coffee into work and we love our planet. The idea is a cracker. It delivers hot coffee, often at a reduced price, and completely eliminates any enviro-guilt. Could there be a more visible way of showing people we’re doing our bit?

Of course any great idea can be hamstrung by that annoying little thing called the human factor. You know the drill: human buys Keep Cup, Keep Cup is cleverly designed so you don’t burn your hands while holding it, human drinks coffee from Keep Cup and miraculously forgets hot coffee is usually, you know, hot, human burns their mouth and wants to sue Keep Cup. There is even talk that some cafes are refusing to use the Keep Cup because they can’t guarantee that it’s been washed. (Fortunately, this has not been my experience.)

Read the rest here.

Merry Merry!



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5 responses to “The Human Factor and Compelling Stuff

  1. not sure i get it. maybe it is a cultural difference. travel/reusable mugs are very common here and welcome in the coffee shops. mine is stainless steel, double walled and very durable (no PVC transfers).

    Nice post. Glad you now have an alternative…

    Merry Christmas!!!


    • Yes, travel mugs are common here too, but these are mugs that are the same dimensions as the throw away variety and fit onto the portafilters… I think!
      Happy new year!


  2. Maybe I’m the only one in Melbourne that absolutely hates coffee. Hope you had a nice xmas Simonne. Have a nice new years!


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