Monday Musings

In my smile people always see sadness
A house fell on my father and he did not die
Why do people wear indifference more comfortably than joy?
You would be amazed at what makes me cry
I am from my fatherโ€™s house
It had white walls and smelled of garlic and roses
The leitmotif of my fears is not what I expected
I have run through a vast field of flowers
The core of me never lets itself fall onto the paper
Once I loved so hard I broke myself
How odd that there will only ever be one of me
When I almost drowned Gaia spat me back out
Word medicine cured my ache
I knew a boy who ate glass
My heart is still bleeding



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18 responses to “Monday Musings

  1. “When I almost drowned Gaia spat me back out…”
    What a fantastic line!
    This is lovely, your writing is always so intimate and full.


  2. pittsburghflashfictiongazette

    Nice and tight with sense details that grab. The boy who ate glass made me cringe.


  3. “A house fell on my father” “I am from my fathers house”
    I like this poem a lot, there is much going on beneath it, a swirl of ideas around that theme of genesis.


  4. ‘Why do people wear indifference more comfortably than joy?’

    I’ve often wondered.



  5. Maybe it’s because this piece is a kind of poem bouquet that everyone so far has selected their favourite flower. Before anyone else grabs it, mine would be –> ‘You would be amazed at what makes me cry.’


  6. Love it love it love it! Following Alec’s lead, mine would be “How odd that there will only ever be one of me”. Now did I dream it, or did you say in a post not so long ago that you didn’t think you could write poetry?! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  7. Paul’s right: โ€œA house fell on my fatherโ€ โ€œI am from my fathers houseโ€… It’s what the combination of these somehow say but don’t say that make the poem work. These lines together say: you can not beat me, I am built to last.

    “Once I loved so hard I broke myself” and then “My heart is still bleeding”… in these seperate yet intertwined lines, you are saying “I am genorous of heart, sometimes to a fault.”

    But string the four lines together, you get the bigger picture. What I love about this is that it’s disconnectedness is what makes it so connected. You are a poet Simonne, definately…now how bout organising a new year chocolate cake date? ๐Ÿ™‚


    • God, I’m glad you’re here to work out what it all means! And you telling me I’m a poet is pretty friggin’ cool.

      We most definitely need a chocolate cake date for 2010! Bring it!


  8. Dawn

    Amazing poetry Simonne and probably only I know that a house really DID fall on your father! You’re GOOD dammit girl – time you got that.


  9. L

    Death would not be as painful.
    your abandonment left me bitter,
    left my pages empty,
    left my pen full.
    No sense for feeling,
    nothing to put on my paper,
    not even sadness or anger.
    I am nothing without you,
    A standstill is where i live,
    longing for your return.


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