Monday Musings

I miss my sister.
I had avocado and Vegemite on toast for breakfast.
My surname used to be Paccagnella.
I taught drama for one term once.
I want a baby.
Today I happened to look at the time on my laptop at 8.44, 9.44, 11.44 and 2.44.
I edited a 6000 word short story today.
My little toes curl right under themselves like they’re ashamed. I try to hug them, but they shrug me off.
I find it hard to believe that I’ll be 37 next year. I still feel like I’m 20.
I wrote a speech about Melbourne’s Tourism volunteers today, you know the people in the red jackets that know everything about everything.
My dad is Italian and he cooks the best spaghetti sauce you’ve ever tasted.
I miss my dad.
My fingernails are cut short so I can type faster.
When I was young all I wanted was a nose job and longer legs.
My mum has long legs.
I miss my mum.
My grandfather drowned.
I’m not much for swimming.
I’ve known my best friend for 31 years.
I can run fast.
My husband’s smile turns me inside-out.
I am nothing if not my dreams.



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29 responses to “Monday Musings

  1. PG

    Ahhhhhhh this was worth the visit! How can a jumble of random thoughts in short sentences sound this good? And yes, you can run BLOODY fast! I can attest to that, after you basically beat my car home tonight. :-))) I still feel 20 too. But just smarter, funnier and more genuine. I like this older version of 20 much better than the one that I actually was at 20. Love all the 4s. We know what that means!!! And now I need to know why you’ve filed this under ‘boobs’ – I looked for boobs and there’s none in this one. Unfortunately. **hugs**


    • Aw! I’m glad. Yes, I did beat the car, didn’t I?! How funny that YOU picked up on the boob thing, that’s hilarious! The line ‘When I was young all I wanted was a nose job and longer legs’ started off as ‘When I was young all I wanted was a nose job and bigger boobs’ and I changed it but obviously forgot about the tag!


  2. List poem! The list poem is a time honoured tradition. Here is a long and fascinating article about lists poems.. It has Christopher Smart’s 250 year old list poem about his cat. Yours is fantastic too, like a dynamic snapshot.


  3. Danielle

    Oh, honey, this made me cry. I love you.


  4. I don’t know if re-copying someone else’s poem is ethically sound so I’ll send you a link to one of my favourite poems, recently discovered, by Dan Albergotti “Among the things he does not deserve”…

    I think it might be a list poem…


  5. ps

    love the little toes, curled and sulky…


  6. Oooh bittersweet. Very fine. Both you and your husband have great smiles, Simonne.


  7. For someone who says she’s got to trick herself into writing poetry this is an amazingly assured poem. The subtle play between the workaday and the past, lingering loneliness and voluptuous memory, and the still enticing, emergent future. Lovely in so many ways Simonne.


  8. I’ve never heard them called ‘list poems’ before, but I like that, and I surely love yours, Simonne!


  9. Beautiful as always Simonne. And I love the last line…and the bit about toes! šŸ™‚


    • Christina, I’ve just been to your website and can’t believe you have a blog and a shop and I didn’t know! It’s great! šŸ™‚


      • Well, I HAD thought I’d have a few months (years perhaps!) to twiddle and tweak and get the blog ‘perfect’ before anyone noticed it was there. But it seems it’s been discovered so I thought I might as well link it all up…you know, like a REAL professional artist would! Now I just have to remember how to spell! šŸ˜‰


  10. You’re really good at writing poetry, I could say you’ve got it on lock down.. Little toes tucked under is just too precious. I didn’t know there was a thing called List Poem but I’m glad the first I saw was yours, because girl it’s perfect.


  11. Amazing Simonne. I think this is some of your best writing and you MUST send it off.


  12. P.S. Can still taste that amazing chocolate cake….mmmm…


  13. This post is pretty good for just random thoughts. I also read your short bio. Very impressive. I’ve been searching for somewhere to hang out on the web for a while. Maybe here.


  14. Garett Sheehan

    Hi Simonne,

    I cam across your website when searching ‘dreams’. Really interesting.
    I was also very interested in one of the images you have with the lady sitting on the swing looking into the meadow with the horse (1334562-2-in-my-dreams.jpg). It is very dream like. Is this your photo or could you tell me where I would find who has copyright on the picture? Many thanks and good luck with the site!


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