Flash Poetry on a Monday Afternoon

I mean Flash as in I sit, I empty my head (not hard), I write for five minutes. I post.  Granted, not the ideal way to tackle poetry, but poetry scares me, so I figure I’ll just do it quickly, you know, like ripping off a band-aid…

The Magic Tree

I am squashed flat. Free-for-all’d. Spat out.
I am contemplating my worth
lying prone on the side-walk.
When I was six years old I had a teacher called Miss Maloney.
Miss Maloney had hair like a bag of oranges.
A bag of oranges on fire.
I loved her.
She took me to the magic tree and told me to hug it.
It sang to me and told me things
I’d never heard before.
Now I wonder how many children she took to the magic tree.
Always I thought it was only me.
Maybe it was.
Maybe I’ll keep believing that,
lying here listening to a thousand footfalls
as the city crowds step over me
and make their way home for tea.



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13 responses to “Flash Poetry on a Monday Afternoon

  1. Brilliant! Flash poetry is a fantastic thing to do. Later you can come back and tidy it up or edit it or whatever, but it is a great thing for your brain. I’ve never understood why how long something takes to write can be a measure of how good it is. When I read it I have no idea how long it took to write and I don’t care. I love this poem. It makes me smile hugely, it has rhythm, it dances, it’s alive, the girl is very real, the emotional energy flows through it. And you wrote another poem!


  2. I am very jealous of your ability to clear your mind, also your ability to write this in five minutes.
    This is lovely.


  3. you have a nice adventure for us here. thats for a journey that has my mind overflowing with memories and creative ideas!


  4. sandy

    You have this unique ability to write something that is totaly unique, yet feels totally familiar…


  5. i want more poetry from you simonne. MORE!


  6. This is fabulous, Simonne. Would love to see more of your poetry; yes please.


  7. Haven’t been here in a while, the unforgiving bite hit me hard and I’m under a cloud but I hope to feel better soon…. I love this poem, it’s so alive and it’s filled with hope… Of course you were the only one she took to the tree;)
    You have great talent, it’s unique and it’s simply the best… Keep it up honey!


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