Flash Fiction on a Monday Afternoon

Tree SilhouetteThe tree outside my window waves a piece of itself at me. I go to wave back, existential questions fight one another to my tongue, then wonder what the neighbours might think. When leafy limbs extend striated fingers to you in mesmerising circles it’s time to reflect on your raison d’etre in privacy.

I close my eyes and the outline of the tree burns bright under my lids then fades into a cluster of brightly coloured dots. The cosmos of my brain. I search for meaning, play dot-to-dot as it were, but no 3D Magic Art picture of life’s truisms are exposed. Instead I have adopted a strabismic squint and jump when the washing machine beeps its finale.

I winch the Hills Hoist up too high and hang the washing on the line like I am attempting to yoga myself up to god. I stretch my fingers and present them as an offering. No seraph plucks them from my hand. I remain intact and slightly disappointed I was not dismembered by a celestial spirit. I lower the clothesline and hang my bras in a neat row on the inside to hide them from my neighbour’s view.



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17 responses to “Flash Fiction on a Monday Afternoon

  1. Hi Simonne,
    I started reading you blog because of your piece in The Reader, which blew me away. I’m glad I came back, this little piece is really lovely.
    Oh, the Hills Hoist… Love it.



  2. Wow, that is a lovely tiny tale. You and your mind and the tree all making the same shape. It’s like a geometry story.


  3. PG

    I had to look up four words in this piece…(and I’m usually pretty good with vocab…impressive, Mon!) which means I learnt something as well as being entertained…and, I also felt twinges of reflection in amongst my entertainment. What a lovely mix of experiences in these cleverly-drafted three paragraphs. Ahhhh. xoxox


  4. Ok I read this and got mesmerized by the chosen words alone. The next day I read it again because I couldn’t get enough and today, well today I checked your blog, I read it and started thinking to myself how does one come up with such beauty? You’re a great writer!


  5. You’re cheating here Simonne, because this is one of the most gorgeous poems I’ve read for a while. Cool if you want to call it a story. I love it either way.


  6. A day is not complete without my pop into your blog;) Cheers girl


  7. i really like this simonne, especially ‘ yoga myself up to god’.


  8. pittsburghflashfictiongazette

    I’ve always thought that the best flash fiction has more elements of poetry in it than it has elements of the short story. This very short story is a good example of what I’m talking about.


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