Melbourne Retrospective

StorkI can’t believe I’ve been in Melbourne 10 months. 10 months! It’s flown by, it really has. Let’s have a wee recap of what’s happened in that time shall we?

  • We arrived to one of the biggest deluges Melbourne’s seen in many years. The connection between the house and the power-lines short circuited in a dramatic light show and we wondered if our first night in Melbourne may also be our last night on this earth. Talk about arrive with a bang.
  • We spent Christmas in Bermagui where I was visited by a gastro bug and couldn’t eat anything. (Yes, this is a BIG deal. We also vowed never to take a train that far, ever again.)
  • We survived the summer heatwave and tragic fires.
  • I spent an entire 45 degree day at the Sun Cinema and watched 5 movies in a row.
  • We made friends with our landlord and his Mum, who continue to bring mouth-watering Greek sweets to our back door at regular intervals.
  • I became a redhead.
  • I started writing short stories.
  • CJ and I went on a coffee scavenger hunt through the city as part of the Food & Wine Festival in 40 degree heat, half having fun and half wondering why the hell we didn’t just quit and have a cold drink in the nearest pub.
  • (The answer to the above has something to do with CJ’s competitiveness…)
  • My Mum arrived to celebrate our birthdays and took me on my first Melbourne shopping spree. (Yes yes, CJ and I are birthday buddies as well as husband and wife; it’s so hard to decide who has to pamper who that we have to have Mum fly over to do it for us.)
  • I’ve had three trips to Canberra to see my sister and brother-in-law and gorgeous nephew (now nephews).
  • I won the Ada Cambridge Prize for biographical short fiction. Woot!
  • My Dad and step mum stayed with us for 4 days and we found out how dire the Docklands really is.
  • I experienced several LMAO experiences reviewing the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and had my first celebrity spotting in one Mr. Guy Pearce.
  • I went on my second Melbourne Shopping spree, compliments of KRudd.
  • I applied for a gazillion jobs and got one at Fernwood as a weight-loss coach.
  • I got rid of the red hair (what was I thinking?) and went the big chop.
  • I took on the job as blog manager for the new Varuna Alumni Writer’s Blog.
  • I had a giggling attack in the middle of interviewing Martin Short.
  • This blog turned two!
  • I spoke at a panel discussion at the Emerging Writers’ Festival and loved it.
  • I found an Osteopath so remarkable she literally changed my life in 2 sessions.
  • I was given a place at the Overland Master Class for Progressive Writers and had a fabulous weekend being terribly subversive in the bowels of the Trades Union Hall in Carlton.
  • I met the wonderful Kate Kennedy.
  • I met two amazing women who’ve fast become my best friends in Melbourne, who, luckily for me, live two streets away!
  • Beat got rejected again… and again… and again…
  • Celebrity spotting #2: James Nesbitt at Crown Casino.
  • Started yoga. Love it.
  • My best friend from Perth came for a weekend visit and we talked non-stop for 48 hours.
  • CJ and I discovered our favourite (so far) Melbourne restaurant.
  • Attended my first lesbian engagement party, replete with furry handcuffs and inappropriate drunk groping.
  • Attended my first book launch.
  • I became a twitterer (for better or worse).
  • I attended the Davitt Awards with my buddy and award winner Katherine Howell.
  • CJ and I had a fabulous holiday in Bermagui (gastro and train free this time).
  • I lost hours of my life to the Six Feet Under box set.
  • I’ve blogged about pee sticks and am still yet to be visited by a stork. Or is it the stork? Maybe that’s why it’s taking so long – there’s only one. The poor bastard.
  • I started a new job as a speech writer/editor, predominantly writing for the Deputy and Lord Mayor of Melbourne.
  • I became a poetry reviewer for the first time, reviewing for the Overload Poetry Festival for the Overland blog (and earned myself an enemy in the form of an angry elf).
  • CJ’s parent’s came for a visit and we finally went to the Yarra Valley and took a fabulous drive down Great Ocean Road.
  • I interviewed a 95 year old woman for an article and she couldn’t remember anything at all about her life… like, nothing. Made for a riveting article…
  • I’m currently having a great time reviewing the Melbourne Fringe Festival and very much looking forward to the Melbourne International Arts Festival.
  • I miss my family like mad.
  • I’m happily awaiting the launch of the Emerging Writers’ Festival Reader on October 12, because finally someone decided not to reject my short fiction.
  • I’ve just cyber-met an amazing woman. Check out her blog when you get a minute and read her story.
  • There’s more, I know, but it’s late and I’m full of dark mint chocolate and $60 a kilo Peruvian coffee and no doubt you’re all asleep by now anyway…
  • In retrospect, I guess it’s been quite a ride thus far!


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19 responses to “Melbourne Retrospective

  1. Life is an amazing adventure. And I am grateful for the opportunity to hear about yours because you are an amazing person.


  2. PG

    Awww, wow! I loved hearing all of this in dot point form and I’m thrilled to say I’ve learnt something in the process! What an adventure Melbourne has been for you both! And I’m doubly thrilled that I’ve been immortalised on your blog and referred to so fondly! Awww, you’re so sweet! Have just re-read this and noticed every sentence ends in an exclamation point. Until now. Guess I’m the excitable type!! PG xox


  3. so good to hear what has been happening in your life Simonnee, Melbourne has gained a gorgeous likeable literary buzz box and obviously has opened its arms and welcomed you accordingly.


  4. sandybarker

    What a wonderful retrospective. I may just do the same after a year in Seattle. Oh, and Happy Melbourne Anniversary to you both. I love you. You are amazing.


  5. You’ve done so much in so little time, and the things you’ve accomplished are impressive. I’m proud of you. The stork will stop by, if it’s called the stork;)

    On your birthday you could take turns spoiling each other,I don’t know how yet.

    I’m not feeling good these days but this entry definately made me smile… 10 months huh, imagine how far you’ll be in 2yrs.


  6. Ten months? TEN? That’s it?! Oh my god! Look at that list!! Extreeeeemely impressive.


  7. That was an enjoyable and fast-paced retrospect! I could almost see you telling me all about it with enthusiasm and glowing eyes πŸ˜‰

    Also I would say it was a very productive ten months; you’ve accomplished a lot, and it’s nice to see it all summed up here, congrats and keep it going!


  8. Just popped in to say hello, these days aren’t my best and really if it weren’t for writing and reading I’d be a lot more stressed.


  9. Auntie Rhubarb

    Wow…finally got to read this and feel so proud of you!!…only now waiting for a bambino…but secretly would like a bambinA…..just relax and let it happen …enjoy the practising, practising makes perfect !! …Gianna is off to Equador for 10days to help build a health centre so she may come home with a few spare bambini, you want one??
    ciao 4 now
    R XXX


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