Chapter One

chapter 1Ok, so I’m completely sick of rejections. Like. A lot. I recently underwent the frustration of a noted journal asking to see a particular story, showing enthusiasm for said story, then emailing to tell me they loved the story but had no room for it. I guess they didn’t love it that much after-all. Sigh. I know it’s all part of the ebb and flow. But currently I’m ebbing so far backwards I’m about to hit Tasmania. What to do?

The past month has been taken up entirely with my new job, finishing the old job and a visit from family. There has been no writing apart from speeches and forewords. The process of turning my novel into a novella has thus far only managed to fill me with dread and I’m pretty confident all I’ve managed to do is make it worse.

Hence my decision to start the next book. It feels good. The plan for it is already well under way. The first chapter is complete and the ideas are brewing nicely. I know I’ll come back to the first one. There’s so much in it I love. It’s not an easy thing, abandoning your baby. But if you love something… you know the drill.



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26 responses to “Chapter One

  1. c

    i applaud your decision to move forward. And don’t worry. Your baby is going to be presented to the world soon! And those who weren’t sharp enough to pick it up will regret it.

    Good luck to you!


  2. I am completely empathetic – about all of it.

    Talent – check. Dilligence – check. Getting the work ‘out there’ – check. Patience and tenacity – check. Wonderment at the lack of response/acceptance/enthusiasm to/of/for the work – sigh, check.

    You are incredible. They will see. Eventually.


    • I know you are, Sandy, and how wonderful it is to share our experiences through what is nearly a 20 year friendship. Do you believe that?!!

      You’re incredible too, and you too, will see success soon.


  3. Good on you Simonne! New work always helps 🙂 so proud of you xoxoxox


    • Thanks Katherine! You did tell me as gently as you could a few months ago that moving to the next thing might be a good idea. I finally caught up! Thank you for your support, it’s also so welcome and so wonderful xxx


  4. Aw, that sucks. I know the feeling. re: being asked to see something of yours, you get all excited and then…nothing.

    Keep going! Good luck!


  5. Doesn’t it sometimes feel like a battle and the only soldiers you have to send in (to fight it for you) are your children? Some of them still toddlers. Innocent things. Entire new worlds in themselves. And so many bullets flying through the air. Beyond the elaborate metaphor, it is a brutal theatre of war/play. It’s good to keep in mind that these precious things never die (if we don’t allow them to). That we can keep them close. Perhaps they will grow or perhaps we will. And it’s not about winning battles but finding homes for these loved ones. Good luck to you Simonne with this new life.


  6. Your writing is wonderful and it is only a matter of time before everyone realises that is true, Simonne. Your job sounds fascinating and I’m sure there will be some interplay between the job writing and the creative writing which might benefit both. Making a career as a writer is a pain no matter what you write, all you can do is battle on and hope the world catches up to you eventually.


  7. I blame the elf and his ilk, Simonne. Forget the rejections and the rejects. I have an S.M-W autographed copy of Beat on pre-phenomenological order, and in your list of rejections I see irrelevant people.


  8. Starting a new project is always exciting. And at least they didn’t ask for a novel, then reject it.


  9. You write beautifully and if you keep getting doors slammed in your face one of them will open and you’ll walk right in. See you already have lots of people reading your blog, which means lots of people will embrace your beautifully written baby;)
    Don’t give up, you’ve got talent.


  10. It does blow my mind away that you’d get the pull from a publication and then the final word being, no room. Argh! Also glad to hear that you’re starting a new novel. Woo hoo! Hope to read excerpts.


  11. Yeah, how does that work?! Let’s make rude signs at them for a minute… (starts jabbing fingers in a vaguely southern direction…)

    That felt good!

    But at least they loved it, Simonne – no one’s loved any of my short stories (I suspect because they’re totally unlovable, the type of stories not even the mother can love!), so I say we take your near-miss as a win. Plus now they know you – also good.

    But the disappointments are hard, no question, and I think you’re doing exactly the right thing starting something new. You’ll just start breathing a little easier, the air will feel a little cleaner, the outlook will be a little brighter, and it will, no question, allow you to return to Beat with fresh eyes glistening with new love. Keep the faith, honey, we just have to keep writing. xxx


  12. Great Post! Thanks for the info!


  13. Cathy

    I’ve read your story Broken Light and was moved to tears. Keep writing; I’ll keep reading.


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