Coming Up Roses

3D-Abstract-RoseSo, the Overload Poetry Festival is over and now I’m receiving hate comments from a Crazy and very muscly Elf. Seriously, his guns are like bowling balls. Great looking bowling balls, but still, you wouldn’t want one to hit you in the face. My first go at reviewing poetry and I get dissed by an Elf. And all this time being a theatre critic and only one fat lady who incited her fans to spam my blog. Maybe I should try harder. Sad thing is, since the WA heat of the Australian Poetry Slam last year that I enjoyed so much, I was thinking about giving this slam thing another go. Now I’m making enemies in the Melbourne scene, I might have to re-think that…

My new job as a speech writer is going well. I think. It’s a steep learning curve, this PR writing thing. And a Perth girl writing for the City of Melbourne is a recipe for… well, some blank stares at the computer screen thus far. I mean, seriously, what do I know about the AFL grand final? Still, there are countless festivals and book launches and concerts to write about, and I can’t complain about that. So I won’t. CJ came home with a dozen red roses tonight. Certainly can’t complain about that!



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2 responses to “Coming Up Roses

  1. I always smile and say, “Oh well, the only people have don’t upset anybody are the people who say nothing.” You are fabulous and no human could deny that.


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