Juggling Act

juggling_dudeWhat a week. I worked two jobs and was welcomed into the world of speech and copy writing. Copy writing is not for the faint of heart. Let’s just say, it requires some stamina. Tonight I’m off to review Westwords at the Dancing Dog Café in Footscray as part of the Overload Poetry Festival, which I’m reviewing for Overland. Currently I’m supposed to be working on the redraft of Beat to get it to its new and improved novella status. Am I doing that? Yeah. No. Copy writing, speech writing, reviewing, blogging, editing, and long fiction… and I never did learn juggling at Uni. What? I did a theatre degree,  juggling was part of our course. I failed. I never could get all those squishy balls up in the air at the same time. I mean, there’s three balls and I have two eyes, right? So it totally makes sense I’d always drop one. All those lucky three-eyed people in my year passed juggling 101 with flying colours. Not me. Poor old two-eyes. I failed.

So, if it sounds like I’m not juggling all these writing styles well, it’s because I’m not. My hope is that the new third eye I ordered from e-Bay will arrive soon…. That, or I’ll just get better at it doing it all with my boring old regular eyes. I’ll be sure and let you know either way.



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9 responses to “Juggling Act

  1. PG

    Awwwwww, POOR Mon!

    I do love the juggling simile, but you know, missy, you will get it right in the end!

    Besides, your third eye is operating beautifully, if I’m anything to go by!

    I can’t juggle either. I tried . A lot. It just didn’t work for me. So I can sooooo relate!

    Love ya

    (Oooh I’m first to post! Exciting!)


  2. Everything you do, you do amazingly well, Simonne. Remember to breathe.


  3. Me and my wife were walking along the beach yesterday afternoon and there was a guy with five, maybe even six balls in the air. All the balls dropped the moment I looked at him. He picked them up and started juggling again. A few moments later they dropped again. It took us a few minutes to pass him, and in that time he must have dropped those balls three times. But that wasn’t a problem. That was just part of the deal when you’re juggling on St Kilda beach as the sun goes down. Seeing all those balls going in that juggling orbit is still an amazing thing. I think the secret is to not watch the balls Simonne. Just trust in your hands. That wonderful touch you already have.


  4. I was never good at that juggling thing either, so I feel your pain. Ease in – you’ll do awesomely (new word?). And you’ll eventually be able to carve out that redrafting time. Sending you “I totally get it” support from afar.
    A great fan x


  5. Honey, you’ll slip that ball straight back into your (class) act when the timing is just right.


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