Blue Pool, Bermagui, NSW

So, the holiday. Happy sigh. It was blissfully relaxing. Bermagui (and the surrounding towns) is such a pretty spot and the weather was perfect for our entire stay. We were visited by a whale who frolicked right outside the windows in the beach below for the first three days we were there. It felt like such a privilege, like she was visiting me personally, just to say hi and let me know that all is as it should be. We had a shiatsu massage, which has now has me hooked on shiatsu, and from which CJ emerged smiling like a man who’d won the lottery, lifting those long arms and announcing to the empty waiting room, I feel GREAT! We ate and read and explored and walked on the beach and reconnected with each other. We laughed and sang and watched a whole season of Six Feet Under. It was a much needed break before I start my new job!

Yes, I have a new job and I start tomorrow. I’m now a writer/research assistant with a boutique communications company. The majority of my job will be as a speech writer for the Lord and Deputy Mayor of Melbourne (I know, who would of thunk it?), and forewords. One of the things I think I’ll like about it is that I’ll be writing for the Mayors of the city, not politicians per se, so the range of topics/areas is very broad and quite interesting.  Apparently fiction writers who understand plot structure make the best speech writers. Go figure. Am I nervous? Hell yes!!

In other news, I’ve been invited to blog on the Overland blog as one of their team of reviewers for the Overload Poetry Festival in September. How I’m going to fit this in while working two jobs (hopefully not for long) I don’t know, but I just will. And why? Because I want to! So make sure you head on over to the Overland blog during the festival to join in the poetry patter. See you there!



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8 responses to “Overload

  1. Wow! What a great job. Congratulations. I have some tips on subversive writing. There are some words you definitely want to get in those speeches. And if you can get them quoting Abbie Hoffman and Mikhail Bakunin, we all win!


  2. Congratulations, Simonne. That’s an amazing new job you have landed. Sweet! Welcome back.


  3. sandybarker

    How brilliant to have that getaway to recharge and reconnect. I follow someone on Twitter called ‘jcq’ who is staff (including writer/researcher) for a Senator in DC. Check him out.
    Lovely post.


  4. Glad you’re all topped up from your break and feeling tip top before starting this new and exciting phase in your working life. Congratulations! How was day one?? No whales out the window, but hopefully a room with a view.


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