Ghostly Desires

Nathan Curnow lookign shifty at Old Melbourne Gaol

Nathan Curnow looking shifty at Old Melbourne Gaol

So, the detox. It’s not going well, all things considered. I had a small glass of wine at Nathan’s book launch, so I guess I can blame him for that… he’s a famous author doing the rounds, he won’t know… And while we’re on the topic, the launch (of his book The Ghost Poetry Project at the Old Melbourne Gaol) was fabulous. There just couldn’t be a better venue to launch such a book; Nathan travelled around Australia for over 12 months, staying at ten haunted sites and then writing about them. His reading ofย  ‘Some Final Regard’, a poem about Elizabeth Woolcock who was executed in 1873 at the Old Adelaide Gaol, seeped into my bones and nestles there still. Beautiful, haunting stuff.

Right. So. The detox. Sigh. I did so fabulously well for the first month and now I’m just a bundle of fraying chocolatey nerve endings, sensitive to to even a whiff of the stuff at 200 paces. CJ (who’s fame as the perfect husband precedes him due to my various blog posts over the years about the superhuman, supermanly, husbandly feats he performs on a daily basis – I had a chat with the lovely Genevieve Tucker at the launch who, when I introduced CJ, exclaimed, “ohhh, you’re the amazing husband!” The poor man looked behind him, not used to such gratitude [I must try harder with that whole gratitude thing])… and yes, now I’ve totally forgotten what I was going to say about said husband… must be the chocolate glooping up my synapses… Oh yes! CJ, caped crusader,ย  has found me sugarless dark chocolate! What a champ! Ok, ok, so it’s still not allowed on the detox, but it’s not SO bad. It’s bitter enough that when you bite it your cheeks turn inside-out, and apart from the brain-altering chemicals in it, it’s perfectly good for you…

And now we’re off to a coffee place on Brunswick street that sells my now much lauded 100% decaf Peruvian coffee beans for cheaper than the organic shop near us…ย  and we just might have to treat ourselves to a pastry at Babka’s

What? What? Choo lookin’ at me?

NB I just finished writing this and boobing about (yes, boobing is a legitimate verb, but only if you own boobs) on Facebook and Twitter, and thought I’d go and see what the caped one was doing and discovered him in the kitchen, quietly and happily making a sage and walnut stuffing for the roast dinner he’s planning on cooking tonight while I continue to boob about. Maybe I really should get the man a cape… or at least an apron…



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14 responses to “Ghostly Desires

  1. You’re makin’ me jealous with your caped crusader there! And I wasn’t even thinking about chocolate until I read this. Doh…



  2. sage and walnut stuffing…mmmm……


  3. Okay, I can no longer allow such a gorgeous friend to suffer through this crazy deprivation. Dark chocolate and coffee are both good for you – chock full of antioxidants. In fact ‘experts’ now recommend up to three cups a day of coffee for good pulmonary and mental health. Please do not deprive yourself of these life saving consumables any longer. I love you too much.


    • He he! What a lovely friend you are! I agree re dark chocolate and coffee to a lesser extent (my body can’t do three!), but coffee is one of the big no-nos when you’re trying to fail pregnant and failing, so I think I should try a bit harder on that front!!


  4. It was great to see you both again, Simonne – I’m still recovering from my embarrassment having that old phone peeping away at EWF when you were giving your cracker speech on writing from WA. Top marks to the gaol and Nathan for Atmosphere.

    As for chocolate and wine? Am also trying to avoid. Eldest son has choc buttons as a reward for completing puzzles in the evenings – guess who stuffs a few away while waiting for him to tidy up the games though? And daughters come for tea each Sunday and there is always wine left over…and while that continues I will always have a spare tyre.
    Thanks for the free nutrition advice on Friday ๐Ÿ™‚ greatly appreciated. I’m gonna nail this wine thing.


  5. Wish I could have made it to the launch (but not the detox ๐Ÿ™‚ )


  6. Maybe time for detox to move into a more realistic and sustainable phase? Post-detox…i.e., healthy living? I’m considering a juice detox myself, just for a few days. Yet, how I love to eat!


  7. Wow, you’ve been rubbing shoulders left and right, Simonne, sounds like enormous fun (so screw the detox, and I mean that in the nicest possible way).


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