Boxing, Book Launches, and Daydreams

Sun BookshopIt’s beautiful and sunny in Melbourne today. I’m happy. The city feels happy. I met a dear girlfriend visiting from Perth this morning and she’s happy. She has good reason to be, I must say. She’s a boxer – a shit-scary, honest-to-god, hits-hard-enough-to-kill-you, boxer. And the announcement was made last night that womens’ boxing is finally going to be an Olympic sport at the London Games. (It’s the only sport where men compete and women don’t.) Is my friend good enough to represent Australia? HELL yes! (If you want to support her, here’s her Facebook fan page .)

So, I dropped my famous friend off at the ABC studios in Southbank for her interview, wished her luck for her many other interviews, and made my way back home to Yarraville, home of the Sun Theatre and Sun Bookshop. Said Bookshop called to me the moment I got off the train. It lured me into its papery depths and forced me to buy a book. Yes. Lured and forced. As I ran my sun-soaked fingertips over cool, smooth covers, I marvelled at how many of these authors I’ve met since I’ve been here, and how many authors live in Yarraville.

I touched a fingertip to Steven Amsterdam, Krissy Keen and Jeff Sparrow and felt so happy that I’ve met all of them. If I was still in Perth there would be no faces to put to names, no memories of beers shared or conversations at writers’ festivals had. If I was still in Perth I wouldn’t be attending Nathan Curnow’s book launch at the Old Melbourne Goal tonight, which I’m very much looking forward to.

I felt so happy to be standing there. My hand came to rest on a beautiful blue and green cover, a book called Swimming by Enza Gandolfo, an author who lives in Yarraville. I smiled as I paid for my new book and experienced that glimmer of hope and joy that emerging writers sometimes allow ourselves to feel – that one day, maybe soon, my fingertips will trip over my own book, with its own tag – Written by local Yarraville Author Simonne Michelle-Wells – and walked home slowly, deliberately, my face tilted up to a Melbourne sky.



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14 responses to “Boxing, Book Launches, and Daydreams

  1. Isn’t the weather glorious? Come on Spring!

    I work in Port Melbourne, which means a wander down to Readings on Bay Street. Bliss.


  2. I might just have to call you Sunflower from now on. It kind of suits you actually. It reminds me of a story I heard a while ago about artists of the Floating World like Hokusai. When they felt they’d transitioned into another stage of their art, they changed their names as well. Isn’t that a nice idea Sunflower?


  3. hooo! happy vibes!! thanks!!


  4. I cannot walk past a book store without wanting to go inside, and I understand that once inside it is impossible to NOT buy something.
    Just finished The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri – a beautiful read.
    Lovely post, Sim.


  5. Dawn

    Brought tears to my eyes – so glad you are happy in Melbourne. I loved it when I lived there when I was 20 and everyone thought it was a distinctly weird thing to do. Now, of course, it’s THE place and everyone says “Oh I love Melbourne” – how times change. Sooo happy to see how well Claire is doing. Good for her.


  6. Oh BIZARRE Simonne. I just read this – and I read Swimming recently (for one of my MWF SPUNC interviews – come along next Thursday!) Anyway, when I read it, I was going to email you and tell you that you might like to read it…

    Wow. Weird. It has so many of the themes you are drawn to. But it’s really sad as well. Please come to the night and I’ll intro you to the author, if you like it. x


    • That’s pretty cool! Did you like the book? And lovely that you know my taste 🙂 I love sad books!

      I really wish I could come on Thursday night and meet Eva, but we’ll be on the delicious Bermagui coast, reading and sleeping and eating!
      Hope you have a great festival 🙂


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  8. What’s up?. Thanks for the info. I’ve been digging around looking some info up for shool, but there is so much out there. Google lead me here – good for you i suppose! Keep up the good work. I will be popping back over in a few days to see if there is updated posts.


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