Gratitudinous, dude

I’m home with a head cold and should be in bed. (Let’s hope my boss isn’t reading this [hi Jess!].) But I thought I might catch you all up on some news.

My new nephew Michael Ian Austin was born under dramatic circumstances on July 24th at 10.36pm. He was 4 weeks early – just too exuberant about getting into the world and getting on with it. And, looking at his birth numbers, I can completely see why. He’s also extremely cute. See?

Mikie AustinAw! I won’t be meeting him until September 11th, but no doubt he’ll be even cuter by then.

For my US blogging friends, if any of you are near Manhattan from the 22nd-29th of August you MUST see this show, Looming the Memory. I’ve reviewed it several times, and the last time I was lucky enough to see it was here in Melbourne at La Mama theatre in May of this year. Thomas’ show was selected as one of only 4 from Australia and 12 Internationally to perform at the New York Fringe Festival. It’s a very deserving show. Go Thomas!

In writerly news, I’ve finally finished the latest (and hopefully last!) draft of Desert Rain, the story I submitted for the Overland Master Class. I was lucky enough to receive some extremely insightful feedback on this story from Rjurik Davidson, Overland’s Associate Editor, but also a rather well-known and well-loved Melbourne author, who shall remain nameless, but whose advice (and amazing generosity) has not only made the story that much better, but has seeped into my very bones and settled in me like a new creed. Jeez, that sounds a bit dramatic, doesn’t it? I’ve never been afraid of a bit of drama, me. (Remind me to blog about my Taj Mahal experience, slightly stoned [sorry Mum] on the back of a motorbike in the middle of India with an Indian man I’d only just met and consequently trusted with my life – because that’s what you do when you’re not afraid of drama… or slightly stoned…) Anyhoo! I digress (rather wildly). This sage, writerly advice has sunk in at a deep level and now all the new stuff I’m doing is being scrutinised with it in mind. Is that helpful?

Oh My God Yes!

Gratitude abounds.

Now I’m off to bed. [Slinks out – gratefully]



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12 responses to “Gratitudinous, dude

  1. Care to pass on the sage, writerly advice?! I’m always after as much of that as I can find!

    And congratulations on the new and impertinent nephew!

    Now go to bed and get well, pronto.


  2. PG

    Yeah, yeah!! I wanna hear the advice too! We can ALL do with a bit of sage writerly advice.

    And I can’t wait for the Taj Mahal story!

    Hope you’re up on your feet soon, SuperWoman. Need you there on Saturday night. REALLY need you there.



  3. I must try this detox thingy, Simonne. You are looking fabulous in every way.


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  5. Dawn

    As for being on the back of a motorbike, I went deep into ummm somewhere – to a village called Mapoch Ndebele with two guys I’d never seen in my life before – way out from Pretoria SA – and I did have a few teeny qualms when we seemed to drive through bush for a very long time and I did climb a cliff face in Crete because I was totally lost and did wonder if my bleached bones would be found so maybe you take after me and that can’t be a bad thing.


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