Black Truffles, Chameleons, and the Odd Couple

What a crazily busy weekend. My detox took a back seat. Like. In the boot. We ate out Friday, Saturday, and tonight, so really, what hope did I have? And once I sunk my choppers into my exquisite black truffle gnocchi at Balzari on Friday night there was no turning back really.

A.S. Patric reading DUCKS

A.S. Patric reading DUCKS

This afternoon CJ and I went to the launch of Etchings #7 Chameleons at the gorgeous Abbotsford Convent. One of the writers who also did the Overland Master Class with me, Alec Patric, did a reading from his story Ducks that opens the issue. He read very well and of course I had to buy the journal to find out how the story ends!

Chameleons also features an extract from Nobel Prize for Literature winner, JM Coetzee’s new novel Summertime, published in Sept this year by Random House, along with a wonderful array of short fiction, poetry, essays, and art.

And now I can’t believe the weekend is blinking its sleepy eyes and it’s back to work tomorrow afternoon, and a desperate dash this week to get a recent short story re-drafted and submitted to something that I really should have submitted to a week ago.

And now, just for fun, I thought we might revist an old post, just for an end-of-week-laugh. Go on, you know you want to.



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14 responses to “Black Truffles, Chameleons, and the Odd Couple

  1. Yummm, the joy of all that detoxing is that now you have guilt-free retoxing. I’ll have to check out Chameleons, if I can spot them somewhere.


  2. Oh my god! Black truffle gnocchi?! YUMBO SCRUMBO!


  3. Hi Simmone,

    Just wanted to send you some information about a new performance- I would like to ask you to review it if possible.
    The Buddha My Body, a palimpsest.
    I have entered my email in the reply box- not sure if you can see it?
    If not, let me know I can enter it here.

    Thanks very much,
    Madeleine Flynn


  4. hey Simmone…

    hoping you might be able to make it to my book launch: The Ghost Poetry Project. It’s on Friday 14th August. 6-7:30 pm at Old Melbourne Gaol. I promise not to stare you down this time. 😉



  5. Generous, wonderful, lovely, ah… what else… Monumental. Thanks for all of that.


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