Ain’t boobs grand? Everybody loves boobs. Even hetro women love boobs (don’t they?). Boobs are fun, and funny. My Dad loves boobs. Big ones. Jugs. My Mum made him a boob birthday cake once. I was quite young at the time and found the entire thing totally hilarious. Anyhoob, I got to review a boobilicious show last weekend, and it was a hoot(ers)!

Busting Out! | AG Productions
Written by Simonne Michelle-Wells
Monday, 27 July 2009 14:58
Busting Out! | AG ProductionsI’m still not sure if Busting Out is a boob-lover’s delight or worst nightmare. What these two women can do with their boobies is, well, not what I’d call titillating, but it is entertaining. Oh yes. It is entertaining. And these gals suffer for their art. I mean they peg a sheet out to dry between their nipples. They gaffer tape their breasts to their shoulders and then twist them up like fleshy corkscrews and stand proud as they whip back in a flurry of fecund flesh. Yes people. Gaffer tape.

Busting Out is Puppetry of the Penis and Menopause the Musical rolled into one. Emma Powell and Louise Steele perform norkilific tricks alongside stand-up, music, comedy skits, and some hearty celebrating of womankind – sort of. While there is a whole lot of lamenting over lost perkiness at post-baby, 40-something age, and much lampooning of the younger (and therefore presumably) thinner woman, there is often more lamenting than celebrating going on. Still, that hardly seemed to put a dampener on the capacity crowd, who were so revved up they were back in their seats, waiting for more, long before the end of interval.

Click here to read more. (You know you want to.)



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13 responses to “Boobs

  1. Nice story.
    I hated my boobs since they appear till I was arround 20, I thought they where too big, they where uncomfortable for running. But now that several years passed, I like them, dough I wish they where higher, and enjoy having them.


  2. Sounds like fun…though I don’t know if I’d be willing so suffer that much for my art (I draw the line at all nighters & constant rejections 🙂 )


  3. “They gaffer tape their breasts to their shoulders and then twist them up like fleshy corkscrews and stand proud as they whip back in a flurry of fecund flesh.”


    … I never even…


    That makes my chest hurt o_O


  4. peekaboo2

    Hey hon….

    So love what you are doing. Have finally set aside time to just read and enjoy….good on you!

    Big love to you



  5. ➵ƮƕʊƞƋƐƦ Ɲȋƞǰą☁

    HAHA Wow to your dad


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