Chocolate, feminism, and sacrifice

ChocolateSo. My detox. It was supposed to end today.

Brace yourself.

I have to stay off sugar for another month.

Strangely, I received that news with a distinct lack of joy. I promptly took myself to the organic shop across the road, bought 100gms of chocolate, marched home as only a woman on a chocolate mission can, flicked on the espresso machine, and three minutes later sat at my laptop with a steaming flat white under my nose and a mouthful of chocolate, grinning like a madwoman.

As for writing, what can I say but that I’ve had a slack week. This week’s been about work: about working out how much fat there really is in one macadamia nut (it’s 3.01 by the way, so if you eat 10 of them, you’ve just effectively eaten your day’s quota of fat), how to get someone who’s put on weight instead of lost it to stop crying (what? I never said I was good at what I do), how to convince someone who drinks 6 coffees a day and no water that they might shrivel and die soon… that sort of thing.

I have done some editing. Short story editing though, nothing on the book this week. I have this weird little 1000 word feminist story that my husband has read and really liked. Di has read it and liked parts of it, but also had some serious (and valid) concerns, so it was great to get her feedback. I’ve just given it another edit and sent it to two feisty feminist lesbian friends for their opinion. I often don’t seek out more than one or two people for feedback on short stories but this one is a rather ambitious affair that may never find a home in our literary annals, but also not one I’m ready to give up on just yet.

Now, you must excuse me while I go and eat some raw green things. If I do manage to get pregnant after all this bloody chocolatey sacrifice, this better be one grateful baby!



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25 responses to “Chocolate, feminism, and sacrifice

  1. sandybarker

    and one seriously lucky (and healthy baby)!


  2. Oh, I bet that tasted heavenly. Hvae you ever realised what heartbreakingly hilarious writing your work makes for? I smell a bestseller. Almost every woman wants to lose weight, and therefore would probably enjoy reading about the uphill climb of those trying to do the same…


    • VERY heavenly! So much so that, today, after my yoga class, I bought (and ate, of course) two dark chocolate coated organic macadamia nuts (which we now know have 3.01gms of fat each… plus the chocolate… but who’s counting?) and they tasted heavenly too! But now, alas, I must control myself once more.

      Funny you should mention me writing a best seller (and thanks for musing that there’s even a remote chance I might pull that off) about women and weight loss. I have tried that – several years ago, it was my first attempt at a novel. And it’s really, really bad! However, I have decided to give it another go – the plan being to do a vastly better job, having learnt from my own mistakes, yada yada. It’s still called the same – Does My Vagina Look Fat in This? But the main difference is, this time it’ll be good. He he.


  3. Raw green things? Sounds absolutely delightful!!!!! Wishing you luck on all fronts. There is a boy with blue eyes waiting silently and patiently on a fluffy pink cloud for a loving couple to bring him down to earth. My wife and I passed by him there twice and exchanged smiles but we never managed to get our arms around him.

    I don’t usually prod and pry for sneak previews but in this case I am going to ask very politely if I may have an opportunity to read your short story, Simonne. This request is of course a totally selfish attempt to gain further access to your wonderful writing, and motivated further by an equally selfish curiosity as to whether I am capable of providing honest and mildly educated feedback.


  4. I don’t need to read it to know it is fantastically wonderful. There can’t be any toxins left your body now, surely. The human body is an amazing thing, it has kidneys and gall bladders and all these other thing designed to get rid of toxins, specifically put there so you can scoff whatever you want and not worry. Todays word of the day is ‘warble’ – sing or play with trills. You are fantabulously wonderful and you worry too much and are dedicated to micrograms of fat and milligrams of sugar and getting every adjective right and making sure all the feedback is exact. One day I will come here and the word of hte day will be ‘splatter’ as in Jackson Pollock. Have a fantabulous Sunday!


    • Thank you :). I do think I’m probably quite toxic free now, but there are some rather obvious signs (that I saved you all from reading about thus far) that my body isn’t dealing with sugar well, so I think the sacrifice is justified. However, my dearest Paul, you have highlighted one of my biggest problems in life, and that’s the ability to RELAX! To let lose and ‘splatter’ as you so creatively put it. I might blog about this tomorrow actually, so stay tuned, wise one…


  5. Oh dear, I have lately become addicted to macadamias, and have a jarful sitting on my kitchen table and I grab a few as I pass by…….hmmmmmm!


  6. PG

    OMG, I love that I’m referred to as one of your “feisty feminist lesbian friends”! I will so take that as a compliment. I look forward to unleashing my feedback tonight!

    Hmmm, as for your chocolate confessional, I don’t really think I’m qualified to comment. Although….*ahem*, perhaps this means that, by golly gosh, you’re not as super-human as we’ve been suspecting! πŸ˜‰

    Hugs…see you tonight! xoxo


    • Of course it’s a compliment! And you unleashing is kind of a scary thought πŸ˜‰

      SO not super-human, never sure why people see me that way. Must be the cape.

      See you tonight, feisty one xx


  7. I don’t agree I only ‘liked parts of it,’ my dear – I enjoyed it all very much, and only tried to be of some use in the feedback department (which to us perfectionists and control freaks means constructive critique, right?!). I hope the other readers give you some great responses.

    And boy, Simonne, best of the luck with the sugar-free baby. Surely one of us is going to crack the fucking code soon?! I think it should be you – you’ve deprived yourself so much more than I could ever imagine. It’s all very impressive and you deserve way more than a chocolate-coated macadamia as your reward. xx


    • I wondered if you’d say that, Di! But you were extremely useful in the feedback department – which is why I let it sink in for a bit and then picked up the old editing read pen again. I love great feedback πŸ™‚

      I do so hope that one of cracks that code!! And thanks for the support. The detox went right out the window this weekend I’m afraid though [*grins*]…


  8. Me too. I don’t know where I’d be without the fantastic feedback – even when it’s harsh, it’s so good to know what other people think. Hope the editing goes well and that you get it sent off soon!

    I suspect being a little bit naughty is probably good for you, so I’m secretly pleased you were a bad girl, and please don’t spend a second berating yourself about it.


  9. Dawn

    A grateful baby? What parallel universe are you in darlin’? I’d love to read the feminist story if I may.


  10. Dawn

    And for the record, the vagina book needs to be re-written – I love it and I know it’ll kock ’em dead.


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