Procrastination or busyness?

procrastinationSo, it’s official, I’m redrafting Beat into a novella. Well, that’s the plan and plans change… Mine do. Constantly. It’s tiring, but interesting.

I’d just started with it. Could feel the cobwebs being blasted from my brain and the stiffness sloughing off my fingers, when I got steered off course. Not in a bad way, I suppose, but still, off course. I had the Overland Master Class right in the middle of this new breath of Beat-life, work is flat-out (yes, there are always women with weight issues who need me to tell them to put the cookie down and go and luxuriate in the overwhelming comfort and culinary bliss of a celery stick and a mound of cottage cheese), I’ve started reviewing again, and I have a few short pieces that need to to be edited and sent off to various things. (Yes, some good news to share soon.)

I know this is normal, but for someone who instructs people on how to prioritise and goal-set to make sure they’re achieving their aims, it does feel a bit. I don’t know. Fraudulent.

Take today, for instance. I have on my calendar – BEAT- in two three hour slots, and it just isn’t going to happen. The planned gym session at 7am was spent in bed, dreaming about leg raises and medicine balls (god, I hope none of my clients are reading this), and so far, instead of working on the book, I’ve posted a new Varuna blog and sent out a million emails, done my usual social networking procrastination routine (all part of my writing routine, don’t worry, it’s entirely normal), and have now realised that my hair appointment is at 11.30am instead of 1pm and I have to eat quinoa and fish for morning tea (hmm, tasty – but still detoxing, you see) instead of lunch. Why am I telling you this? God knows. I’m getting confused now…

Anyway. My point is I’m failing to coach myself in prioritisation like I do for my clients!

All part of the writerly effort to get out of hard work, I suppose.

And now I’m off to find something dirty to clean before I eat quinoa and basa and get a mountain of chemicals poured all over my head… Maybe that’ll help unwire the procrastination synapses…



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13 responses to “Procrastination or busyness?

  1. Prioritise and goal-set….you are speaking a language entirely foreign to me, but I suspect it’s one I should learn…do you do long-distance tutoring?! As for the imaginary leg-raises, I’ve heard tell that IMAGINING doing it is almost as good as actually doing it…really! πŸ˜‰


    • He he. Could give long distance tutoring a go! πŸ˜‰ And yes, I’ve heard and read about that, and sort of believe it too… but we won’t tell my clients that!


  2. What’s quinoa? Is it like quail dipped in honey and deep fried? ‘Do as I say, not as I do’, is today’s appropriate cliche. I don’t know how you find to do everything you do.


  3. iz prioritising dishes and looking for books for SLV summer read right now.
    But I wrote blog posts today too πŸ™‚


  4. Yes, what is this thing called ‘quinoa’? And what is ‘basa’?? And when did your spaceship land?!

    But that’s exciting about all the writing stuff – how did you make that decision about Beat? And when can we have the good news about the other things?

    As far as procrastination goes, my apartment helps me out by having a reception wormhole in my office that means the internet runs so slowly it’s not worth having it on. Right now I am in my sunroom for blogging/reading purposes, but then I shut it all down and go back into the Dead Zone where the only thing to do is just open my latest draft and keep going… Maybe you have a spot like this too…? Anyway, you’ve NOT been procrastinating if you’ve made all these decisions and done all these things, you’ve been THINKING. There’s a big difference. Time for a cookie (you wanna make something of it?!).


    • Di, I think my spaceship landed not that long ago… but maybe it’s time to return to the Motherland…

      Basa is a white fish πŸ™‚

      Not sure when I can divulge the good news (not that exciting, btw! Soon, I hope.)

      Your apartment sounds PERFECT for a writer –

      I’m comin’ over!
      Hmmmmm…. cookie…. [she salivates]


      • No TV here either. I go the whole Luddite route. Except I do need my laptop, of course. And coffee. And cookies. You’re welcome anytime – such a bummer about that whole Sydney/Melbourne gazillion kilometres thing.


  5. aaaaaaaah procrastination. thats exactly what i’m doing here. i suggest you a have a small baby or two, when you realize you have exactly one hour to yourself all day you have to DO IT!!!


  6. Kim

    upon reading this, i would like to introduce you to a friend and fellow writer – you two should ‘meet.’

    trust me. drop by her place.


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