Just a quick post before I head off to our nation’s capital for the weekend to celebrate my nephew’s second birthday.

tim_winton_193x300I whooped for joy and threw my arms up in the air in our favourite café at breakfast this morning because I heard on the radio that Tim Winton had won the Miles Franklin Award for Breath. I’m so pleased.  The more I read of him the more his talent amazes me, makes me try harder, work longer, breathe deeper, and keep pushing on. He’s amazing. As much as I enjoyed The Slap overall, ultimately, for me, it was a disappointing read. The female characters just didn’t do it for me.

I’m on a Toni Morrison diet right now, so Mr. Winton will have to wait a bit for my next foray into his stuff. I’m not sure why the Morrison diet, it’s just where my heart is at right now I guess. I’ve just written a rather leftist, feminist short story that no doubt my mother will love, but not sure at this stage about anyone else! Did Morrison inspire it? I guess so!

Anyway, I best be off and pack my bag, because this gorgeous fella awaits me. JJ005

See you on the other side of the weekend!



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8 responses to “Breathing

  1. Rug up! It will be cold in Canberra.


  2. Oh, I adored Breath! That’s great news (I did really enjoy The Slap, but I’d be interested to know if your frustrations with it were at all similar to mine). Winton is a deserving winner, and that’s always pleasing.

    If you have a little cutie-pie in Canberra who’s turning two, then you must get up there a bit, so you must already know this, but Paul is right – it’s freezing this time of year. Pack the wool and have a great weekend!


    • Hmm, I feel a Slap discussion cometh!

      My nephew is ridiculously advanced for 2! He speaks whole sentences and has no worries at all with words like ‘Melbourne’ and ‘Whoops-a-daisy’! Too cute!


  3. Awww. He is gorgeous! Have a ball. I got a bit frustrated with the narrow lense of Breath, though I enjoyed it overall. I wanted more of his (narrator’s) parents and other peripheral characters.


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