Emerging Writers’ Festival, Varuna, & Martin Short…

The Emerging Writers’ Festival is over. Ten days of salubrious symposiums and vibrant verbiage has left us all happy, tired, inspired, and already talking about next year.

I’m ridiculously happy with how my panel discussion went: The Great State Divide. I’ll post a shortened version of my contribution in my next post. It was great to meet my fellow panellists, who all spoke about their home States with much purpose and passion. In the mean time, here’s a crappy picture! IMG_3101

I’ll also post a few bits and pieces on some of the panels and discussions I went to and some of the inspired moments I experienced.

For now, I want to share with you one of the reasons my life with my husband CJ is so very entertaining. I was getting ready to head out to the Festival yesterday, got dressed, and was making my way to the bathroom, when CJ (who was in the kitchen, scrubbing pans, or preparing sumptuous delights, or whatever it is the husband of a spoiled writer does…) looked up and did one of those classic double takes that every woman lives for (whether we admit to ourselves or not) and emitted a noise that sounded something like Waa-haay!

“You on the prowl for lesbians again?” he asked me, as if it’s a regular pastime. (My new short hair is proving to be something of a lesbian magnet and, funnily, CJ doesn’t mind one bit…) “You look HOT!”

Ahem. [Smiles] I was in black leather boots and a black PVC biker-chick vest, I suppose… “No, darling… but if you keep up the domestic duties, you never know, I might see what I can do about bringing you home a lesbian or two…”

“What?” he replied, quick as a flash, “so we can read each other’s brains out?”

I know. Smart, witty, and he cooks and cleans… Dear God. [Blinding flash of reality hits] What am I thinking even joking about introducing him to other women…?

blogimageI want to now draw your mind away from deviant scholarly romps to a wonderful launch that I’m very proud of. Author Charlotte Wood and I have put our heads together and created the Varuna Alumni Writers’ Blog which is sporting its virgin post today! Our guest blogger for the month is none other than the the amazingly talented and highly awarded crime writer (not to mention, awesome chick) Katherine Howell. Please pop on over for a look see and say hi and welcome to Katherine and help to welcome our squeakily new blog to the blogosphere!

And lastly, I went to see Martin Short – Live at The Palms@Crown on Friday night to review the show. Here’s a snippet of the review, the rest of which can be read here.

martin_revMartin Short bounds onstage with all the exuberance of an over-caffeinated Gen-Y who’s momentarily forgotten that it’s not cool to bound enthusiastically (or, indeed, to bound at all). That, or he’s decided that starting his first ever Australian tour with a kangaroo impersonation is the way to go. He then launches into song – a sort of lyrical demand for worship, singing all I ask is that you love me. Upon finishing the song he declares “if you need stroking, do a one man show”. This sweeping narcissism forms the basis of Martin Short – Live and certainly gives Short a vehicle for some very funny self-deprecating humour and a clever way of letting an Australian audience (who is likely unfamiliar with the full body of his work) the chance to get the full picture of his long and illustrious career in the US.



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16 responses to “Emerging Writers’ Festival, Varuna, & Martin Short…

  1. Cool bananas. I look forwardly with much anticipation to the emergence of your festivalising reports. With all the housework support you are receiving I shouldn’t have long to wait.


  2. Hmmm, time I got me some new black boots!


  3. I cook and clean, AND I’ve got short hair and some old black boots. I guess I can see this scene from both angles 🙂


  4. Sounds like you had a great time! Fun husband you have!


  5. What a very fine, droll hubby! Lock him up!

    Hi Simonne – I thought I’d return the favour of checking out your blog, only to find I’ve visited you here before. It was after your Varuna residency; I remember reading your Beat blurb at the time and thinking, “That is a great idea.” If I recall, Peter was enthused beyond his usual brimful enthusiasm for your book, so I look forward to seeing it on the shelves one day.

    I’ll be back. Let me know if you’re ever heading to Sydney (not an official city of literature, but very much the Prince Harry of the family).


    • He’s now firmly locked away [types louder to drown out the yells].

      Well, how cool that you’ve been here before :). Yes, Peter was so helpful. I’ve since had 5 rejections and am waiting for the 6th to roll on in any day now! I’m about to start another draft and plan on a significant overhaul. Just hoping I have the grit for it!
      I’ll certainly let you know if I’m coming to Sydney. I don’t spill red wine, just so you know 😉


  6. The EWF just keeps getting bigger and better. Didn’t it ROCK this year? The Varuna blog is a great idea as well. I’m going to head on over there & check it out.


    • Yes, it was amazing (not that I can compare it to last year!). I’ve been a friend of David’s for many years and I know his talent (and humility) knows no bounds.
      Thanks for checking out the Varuna blog!


  7. You did look hot! 😉

    What a fantastic festival, and again, kudos on the Varuna blog!


  8. Maybe let him out for meals and the occasional burst of handyman prowess.

    Oh, that. Rejection. Yeah. We go way back. We’re tight. But I’ve recently discovered that not sending it out anywhere at all really halts that avalanche of rejection slips… It’s working pretty well for me. Good luck with the overhaul – I’ve allowed myself to lose count of those!


    • Good thinking DocDi 😉

      Aint rejection grand?! Don’t stop sending!! Don’t you dare…
      Thanks for the well wishes re the overhaul. I haven’t done a huge overhaul (only semi-huge) and I know it’s gonna hurt… might be calling you for a hysterical chat soon…


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