My Chat with Martin Short

Through my reviewing job at Australian Stage I had the opportunity to interview Martin Short ahead of his Australian tour. I’ve been a fan of Short ever since I saw Innerspace when I was 14 years old and just about swallowed my own face, laughing, so interviewing him was always going to make me somewhat nervous…

Okay, as it turns out, somewhat is a bit of an understatement. As I played back the interview, all you can hear is me giggling like a 13-year-old who’s fallen into a vat of red creaming soda. I sound more than a tad maniacal. Sigh. Thankfully, it’s not a video interview and no-one but myself and my mobile phone (and Mr. Short, unfortunately) will ever know I interviewed him whilst attempting my best Reece Witherspoon impersonation.

Anyhoo, the interview begins thusly:

Martin Short is a funny guy, even on the phone and with the occasional broken connection and “Are you there? Hello? Hello?”. When I opened my mouth to speak though, I suddenly found myself rather nervous, I mean, it’s Martin Short, right? I called him Mr. Short, to which he laughed and said “Marty, please, it’s Marty.” So here’s how my chat with Marty went down.

Martin ShortS: Why has it taken you this long to get down here to us?
MS: Well, you know, I guess because no-one invited me… No, you try and fit things into a busy schedule and suddenly there’s an opening and someone asks if you want to do your show and then suddenly you’re booking a flight.

S: Do you think there might be any preconceived ideas about Australia lurking within you that are about to be shattered?
MS: You mean like in the middle of a performance a kangaroo bounces on stage? No, I get newspapers, I can read. I’m Canadian. [Laughs] I actually spent some of my time in my childhood learning about Australia, more of course, than they do in the United States. I can’t wait to come! I’ve actually spent my life wanting to go to Australia.

S: So, it sounds like you’re looking forward to the Australian tour?
MS: I can’t wait! I really can’t wait. It’s the first country on my list of things I haven’t done yet. I’m so looking forward to it.

S: So you know of Norman Gunston?
MS: Yes, in fact, I do.

S: I think Jiminy Glick and Norman Gunston would have an interesting interview, don’t you?
MS: Oh I wish I could get Norman, he’d be perfect.

You can read the rest of this interview here.



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8 responses to “My Chat with Martin Short

  1. Martin Short is hilarious in everything he does. Excellent interview, I wish I could have heard your giggling 13 year old voice, I am sure it was very cute. lol.
    Simonne, I appreciate your continued support and the recent visit over at my blog. I do thank you


  2. That was a fun interview, thanks for sharing!


  3. Wow Simonne, how lucky were you to interview Marty Short? I love this guy. He never fails to make me laugh and eat my own face too.


  4. How awesome. I love him, too. Very lucky you! I thought your question about preconceptions of Australia was especially good.


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