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What a month April has been! I’ve been up to my eyeballs in reviews for the Comedy Festival (which finished on Sunday), averaging about 3 reviews a week for the month. All in all, I saw some fabulous stuff and was thoroughly entertained. Going out nearly every night took its toll on my rapidly-advancing-in-years-body however… but… I survived to tell the tale.

These 3 shows were truly outstanding:

Return to Greatness, Diggy Bones & the Tokens of Love; Lickety Split, Monica Dullard and Hannah Gadsby; and Hannah Gadsby’s solo show, Kiss Me Quick I’m Full of Jubes, which was the only festival show I PAID to see, which should tell you something about how I feel about Miss Gadsby’s stuff.

Now that the festival is over, hopefully I can resume some other normal activities. Like sleeping.

In other news, I attended the launch of the Emerging Writers’ Festival last week. You can check out the website here. If you click on the Festival Writers link on the left hand side and scroll down to M, you’ll find a wee blurb on me. The launch was great. CJ and I ended up going out to dinner after it with three of the wonderful folk from the Penheads writing group. Some of you may know from past posts that I’m not really a fan of writing groups, preferring and finding it more productive to work alone, however, it’s been so long since I’ve tried a writers’ group, and these guys were so very friendly, I’m thinking why not? I’m attending my first session tomorrow night, so I’ll let you know how it goes for me.

In regard to what’s happening with Beat, I still don’t know. Sigh. Waiting is not a virtue of mine.  The small (Melbourne) publisher who’s had it since the end of January emailed me only about two weeks ago saying that they’re still yet to make a decision. Sigh. It’s not bad news – I realise this, but still, the waiting hurts… everywhere. I’m also still waiting to get a response (of any kind) from three other publishers. I’ll be doing a reading from Beat this Saturday (May 2nd) at the Williamstown Literary Festival (and find out Friday night how my short-listed story for the Ada Cambridge prize fares, will let you know.)

In other, completely unrelated news, I started a new part-time job today. I am now the Weight Loss Coach at my local Fernwood gym. So fatties… watch out! Ok. Perhaps that’s not the best foot to start on. Will go away and re-think my approach….



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5 responses to “Newsy Stuff

  1. Hannah Gadsby is very funny. I’ve only seen her on TV a few times but her act is memorable. I have seen the Emerging Writers Festival everywhere and I am still working on a joke re ’emerging’. I bet Hannah could come up with a ripper. The writers group will do you no harm. I like hearing from you a lot. (P.S. I upset Angela yesterday at the Overland Blog, sorry.) Oh also, I am getting heavier and heavier any advice that doesn’t involve exercising or dieting? Oh yes, Beat is brilliant and any publisher who knocks it back is a knucklehead. And did I say I like hearing from you a lot? You rock.


  2. I’m glad you like Hannah; I’m quite the fan! And yes, I have little doubt she could come up with a ripper joke for the EWF too! Maybe we should ask her..?
    Do you mean Angela at her Crikey blog?? What did you do now, Paul?!
    Thanks so much re Beat, how wonderful it is to have your support 🙂 and to have you pop up whenever I write a post! You’ve hung on in through all my absences! Thank you!
    As for losing weight without dieting or exercising… you could just think really hard about it… that might burn some calories…


  3. Kim

    i hate waiting, too. i had to wait a full week to hear back on a job offer… turned out great!

    thanks for sharing the talent here. i have some experiencing to do!


  4. I’ll be interested to hear what you think of the Writing Group. I was part of one for a good five years, but it’s been years since that one dissipated. Have done a few others, in fits and spurts. Not in one now, and when I do write with others I like something impromptu, as much social as writing.


  5. Happy birthday for yesterday Kim! And congrats on the job 🙂

    Ybonesy, I ended up missing the group last week, so will let you know soon!


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