Melbourne International Comedy Festival

So, one of the advantages of moving to Melbourne and continuing with my reviewing job is that I get to wear myself out seeing as many comedy shows as I can while the Festival is on. I know, it’s a hard life.

I saw Tim Minchin’s show Ready For This? last night. Here’s a peak at the review, which can be read in full here:


Tim Minchin doesn’t scare me. His song about Guardian reviewer Phil Daoust (who gave his show one star for the 2005 Edinburgh Festival)  is disguised as a song of forgiveness and soon becomes a vitriolic attack where Minchin joyfully daydreams about feeding Daoust chunks of “his own face-meat”. Still, at that point I slowly and quietly closed my notebook.

If you feel so inclined you can also read three other reviews from last week on my review page.

Tonight I’m seeing two shows back to back: two lots of talented Perth comedians doing their thing. I’ll let you know how they fare.

Tomorrow night I’m seeing one of my favourite comedians ever: Hannah Gadsby. I’m such a fan, in fact, I’m actually paying for a ticket to see her Tuesday night as well.

Saturday night is a 1920s murder mystery night with a three course meal thrown in for good luck. Yes. I am looking forward to that one; writers who’ve given up their well-paid personal training jobs look most favourably upon free food.

Sunday night is the Raw Comedy final, and I’m topping off the whole comedy festival experience with a bit of Dave Hughes for dessert. Bon appetit!



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3 responses to “Melbourne International Comedy Festival

  1. How lucky are you? That sounds like more fun than should be legal. I don’t think you have anything to fear from Tim Minchin, that’s an excellent review.


  2. I would very much like to have your job!


  3. Yes, lots of fun abounding for the month of April! I’m a bit tired now!


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