Kevin Rudd’s Sorry speech, Obama, Mick Dodson as 2009 Australian of the Year… it’s enough to make me cry. A lot. Every time I hear Yes We Can! I tear up. Every time I see footage of that speech I cry. I cried a lot when I heard Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu sing at the Australian of the Year award ceremony.

I’m a GenXer living in a GenY orientated world, so no doubt it’s not cool (using the word cool is probably also not cool) to cry over Yes We Can! It’s definitely not cool to cry over Kevin Rudd… but I don’t care!

My God, how liberating – to not care! And I mean that seriously. It’s not the I’ve-put-a-lot-of-time-into-looking-like-I-don’t-care sort of not caring, you know, like a GenY’s carefully considered messed up looking hair. Not that sort of not caring.

Okay, I digress…  (And clearly need to go away and work out my issues with the younger generation before I become a grumpy old woman.)

The changes that are afoot in the world right now are too amazing not to cry over. That’s all I really wanted to say about that…



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9 responses to “Sorry…

  1. Those are all wonderful things. The world is changing, perhaps not quickly enough, but changing it is. Gurrumul makes everyone cry, even a hard old nut like me. He has been gifted by angels.


  2. P.S. You should blog more, please. Where have you been?


  3. We are one on the crying thing. I still get tearful when Obama speaks.


  4. Kim

    regrets and apologies are critical in the healing of relationships broken by transgressions. what is more critical for the future of humanity, is the change we can have as we learn from these mistakes. it is only that change that is worthwhile. it is only the prevention of future failures of like kind that can truly give us the chance to move forward – we must learn from the past. regret is a start. right action today is the path…

    i cry too.


  5. sandybarker

    Last year when the PM made his speech, our whole school stopped, watched and listened. I told my students that they would remember that day always, as it was a day that marked an important turning point for Australia. I know that some of them fidgeted in their seats, while others sat as I did, transfixed and with tears in their eyes. No matter their response on the day, they WILL always remember where they were when PM Rudd said a long overdue ‘Sorry’.
    Those children will inherit Australia from us, and it is our role to ensure that it is a fair, forgiving, empathetic Australia – and an Australia of action.


  6. I promise not all us Gen Y-ers are cold, commercialised, surface-culture zombies. 😉 I cry too!


  7. Dawn

    I guess it doesn’t matter which generation we are – we cry when important historical moments move us – and unite us. Perhaps we also cry with the joy of new beginnings and momentous changes – changes not even thought of let alone possible not all that many years ago. So good to read all these comments.


  8. PG

    Yes, I’m the one reading your ‘old stuff’…I’m soaking it all up and revelling in the little gems I’m finding. I was with you every step of the way with the ‘Sorry’ Speech, and Obama’s powerful orations (he is something special and the change we’re all feeling is definitely happening at a global level and it’s going to be GOOD change.) And as for Gurrumul…yes, yes, yes Paul, he IS gifted from the Angels. His music, his voice, his passion and his incredible spirituality make me cry and cry and cry and cry. I cry easily at emotional things, I’m very empathic, as you know, but this is stuff is different. It *feels* different and it feels wonderful.


  9. Thank, gorgeous ones. So, we’ll all cry together!
    Big loves xxx


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