Short Story Excerpt


He’s gone. After twelve years of marriage his fishing hat no longer disrespects my armoire. The house and I are trying to establish a new order. The floorboards still look for his heavy, morning footfalls, while the dip in the mattress defiantly begins to rise up. I have trouble sleeping. I go down okay. I starfish on the bottom sheet, fanning my legs back and forth back and forth across the cotton like I’m treading water. But at 3am, the novelty of space wears off and I’m floundering in the ocean with the sheets and quilts rippling around me.

On the seventh night I kick the covers off at 3.10am and pad softly down the passageway towards the bathroom. One eye is closed in protest, so that when I see it I’m not at all sure what it is I’m looking at. It looks like a giant Victory sign rising up from the floor. I wonder if my best friend is somehow playing a congratulations-let’s-celebrate-your-impending-divorce trick on me by planting a giant waving hand in my house in the middle of the night. Then my lazy eye opens and I realise I’m staring at a rabbit.



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8 responses to “Short Story Excerpt

  1. I love it! You drew me in, now I want more! Great writing.


  2. Kim

    nicely done and now i wonder which way this piece will turn…


  3. That little surreal touch at the end endepthens the tale.


  4. jackblackrabbit

    Well, of course I have to know more about the rabbit…I think he might be related to one of mine, depending how the story finishes!


  5. Ken Kiser

    Loved that second sentence.


  6. thezeninyou

    Great piece here!

    I must ask, what story is the photo of the rabbit from? My heart stopped for just a moment. When I was a very little girl, I would stare at that very rabbit. My grandfather would read to me and I loved it. I just can’t remember the book…but the picture, what a flood of memories and emotion…


  7. Thanks Lovelies. I might post the whole story soon.

    Thezeninyou, I felt exactly the same when I saw that picture! I should have annotated it, sorry. It’s from a 1959 children’s book by Garth Williams called The Rabbits’ Wedding. It brought back a flood of memories for me too, from a very long time ago!


  8. I really liked it. Congrats. You are a good writter (at least in my opinion).
    I thought that the rabit may had a lazy eye too.


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