Original art by Matt Lake

I am preparing for something. I’m losing my angles. Softening for something. Motherhood perhaps. My friends never told me about the softening beforehand. Or maybe they didn’t need it, they didn’t have the sharp bits that could inflict harm. But I don’t care about what happened to them right now, for I am blinkered from the world, immersed in the landscape of myself as it rolls and surges.

I feel as though I am cocooned in God Herself and She takes me on fantastical adventures every night. I shape-shift in my dreams. I’m getting ready, getting prepared, sloughing off the dead bits and fertilizing the good stuff. And when I wake and feel the blanket of Her arms release me into my day, there’s always a remnant of Her left behind; Her smell on my skin, or the sound of Her love in my blood. Perhaps this is Her work; my changing landscape. I’m glad that with it She brings me gratitude, for without it I would mourn the loss of my hardness’s. My corners are diminishing, but my heart is full.



Filed under Art, Beauty, Flash fiction, Health, Inspirational, Love, Spiritual, Women/Feminist, Writing

9 responses to “Freeform

  1. that’s beautiful, a landscape change is usually a good thing. kim


  2. sandybarker

    It sounds like something magical is on the horizon.


  3. You write so beautifully about the exquisiteness that can colour life…and that’s all I have to say about that 🙂


  4. thezeninyou

    Lovely! I am curious to see what unfolds for you…


  5. Hi Simonne,
    This made me wonder if you were going to have a baby. It’s lovely. I love the idea that God has left her smell on your skin.


  6. A beautiful realization. I would say that you are being softened/smoothed from the inside out.


  7. What a wonderful place to be. So pleased that you are taking such revealing notes.


  8. Thanks everyone, it is a lovely place to be…


  9. That is a beautiful organic soft rounded piece of writing too.


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