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For those of you who remember my old Submissions Page and perhaps wondered where it went, first, please let me apologise for removing it without notice! I wasn’t doing it justice when I had a break from blogging, so I decided to stop accepting submissions. If I do still get some random good ones though, I’m certainly going to post them! In that vein, please give a rousing hand to 20 year old David from Indiana, who introduces himself thusly:

‘I’m David, a college student at J.C.C. I hope to endorse the first literary renaissance of the 21st century.’

Oh dear Armageddon

Oh dear-dear, dieing Armageddon glass,
Skull and bones plow wholes, in earth’s infinity symbol atmosphere-
Free space is abducted and replaced, with filling, limiting freedom enforcing restriction.
The time clock clicks forever, tic-toc tic-toc,
However the Armageddon glass drips until it’s dry and nothing else is left-
Decades bury days, hyperventilating hours decay, and minutes asphyxiate beneath seconds in moments.
Temperatures ascend, sea levels rise, and all resolve to the resolution that times run out-
Some seek redemption, others find freedom to indulge in, in the final sands of time-
As the Armageddon glass at half mass is overfull, land slides, title wave and swallow us all-
Everyone is lost,
Consumed by dunes and doomed-
As a deist god looks on, tickled at our conclusion.



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2 responses to “Guest Post

  1. Great work, David. You’ve touched on a topic and style here that resonates with me. Thanks Simonne. Love it.


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