The Turning

While I was at Varuna, one of our many discussions about books, authors, and writing in general centred around Tim Winton. Now, Tim Winton did the creative writing course that I did, at the same university. To say that following in the man’s footsteps was difficult (read, pain in the arse) is a grave understatement. I can’t tell you how many times I had to listen to another lecturer extol his virtues and exclaim in wonder and proprietorial pride about how he wrote EVERYTHING in every tense and THEN chose the best version. I mean. Please. Anyway, all this extolment put a bad taste in my mouth and I’ve barely read a word he’s ever written. At Varuna however, a few of my fellow writers said that The Turning is on their list of favourites so I thought maybe, seeing how I’m all growed up and stuff now, that I could put my petty jealousies aside and give Tim another go.


The Turning is a mind-blowing read. Truly. It’s actually a collection of short stories, but it transcends this form and slowly and strikingly becomes a novel. As soon as I finished it I wanted to read it again. If you haven’t read it, go now and buy it. S’ok, I’ll wait for you.



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7 responses to “The Turning

  1. Oh alright then, if you insist I suppose I will have to bite the same bullet and read some Tim Winton. I wish he’ld get a haircut though.


  2. Now you’ve peaked my curiosity. I might have to find this one as an eBook and read it myself.



  3. Kim

    thanks for the recommendation. i’ll add that to my list of reads…


  4. Let me know what y’all think 🙂


  5. adairjones

    Like you, I avoided Winton. Not because of the hair, but because I had this idea he channelled some lesser Hemingway machismo I get so weary of–in writing and society.

    The Turning changed my mind. Winton is a master writer and–dare I say it?–(to me) better than Hemingway for subtlty of craft. This is the best book I’ve read in years.


  6. Im doing my HSC this year and i did Ext 2 English .. which basically meant I got to write my own story.. so one of my teachers leant me his copy of The Turning.. but i didn’t get through it until just recently… but it is a great read, the change in characters was a little hard to follow at first but the pace and writing style were absolutely brilliant. great for reading on the train or before bed. saved me from trying to find another related text for the other English exam tomorrow =]


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