Knickers in a Knot

Well, it would seem that being a theatre critic is a job not without its hazards. I wrote a review last month for a one-woman show called Big Purple Undies, and it would now seem that the Big Purple Undies Brigade is not happy! The show, written and performed by Lou Kelamn, is a particular hit with the Red Hat Society ladies. I’ve had to moderate my comments (sorry regular readers) because some of these society ladies have turned. Yes, lock your doors people, they’ve turned malicious! One ‘lady’ left a comment that just read – Loser! – and not once mind, but several times!

The fact that this review is almost a month old and the comments are just now coming out has something to do with (as one of my malicious lingerers so kindly pointed out to me) the fact that these ladies were incited to revolt by Kelman’s own newsletter. Oh dear. Oh deary deary me.

The power of the critic! I did let two juicy comments through though. Why not? It’s fun, right? Check it out.

Oh, and here’s the review that caused all the ruckus, if you’re interested.



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6 responses to “Knickers in a Knot

  1. Oh my, it must be troll season, eh?

    I read your review and the two comments you decided to publish – I dunno – it seems a matter of opinion. Your commenters weren’t too harsh, at least they didn’t resort to foul language – (or did they?)

    The review seemed fine to me – you just said what you thought and you weren’t unkind – but then reveiwers are not well recieved by avid fans, are they?

    No matter what you do, what you say or how you say it there will always be someone who gets their knickers in a twist. Don’t let it worry you. Maybe you are almost famous, eh? 😉

    Hey Annie – yes some of them resorted to foul language – nevermind! And yes, there is ALWAYS going to be someone with twisted undies isn’t there?!


  2. Lordy!

    Doesn’t everyone know if you do anything in public (write, perform) that it is going to be reviewed?

    I read your review and wondered what the fuss was about – to me it was a fairly gentle criticism. I have had way harsher reviews that I still count as “good”.

    Of course there are times when I think that critics (and audiences!) are just there to pick the show to bits and are not open to just enjoy it. But then I get over myself. If I put it up I have to wear the criticism.

    Fingers crossed that one day I’ll have an army to wreak vengence on all my nay sayers! Or at least to buy loads of tickets to my shows…

    Ah Whiti; the voice of reason. I remember reading reviews of my own stuff, and it is a nail-biting affair. The thing is, I learnt from the criticism, and I realised that not everyone is going to like what you do.


  3. Holey Mackeroney! That is a cool review, what are they complaining about? Perfectly balanced, honest, highlighted the good and offered suggestions for improvement. They must be some seriously fanatical fans to object to that. But as you say, you should be proud, only people who say nothing have no enemies. You rock and you make me laugh (a lot more than Lou would by the sound of it). Rage on, Simonne!

    Oh Paul, how I adore thee! Thank you 🙂


  4. You just can’t please all the people all the time. Either as a playwright or a critic.

    Too true.


  5. Doktor Holocaust

    two things:
    1) what’s a Red Had Society lady? sounds like the kind of evil that can only be dispelled by a big-chinned man with a shotgun.

    2) after reading your review, I wanna see the Big Purple Undies lady fight Ron White, who is her cultured-redneck American antithesis. My money’s on Ron, aka “Tater Salad.” Sure, she’d throw the first snarky comedic blow, but he’d sit there, sip his scotch, smile, and then ever so politely verbally cut her to ribbons.

    also: so THAT’s where my purple briefs went! I was looking for those when i wanted to dress up as the Joker before work. still, if she likes my skid-marks that much, she can keep em.

    You crack me up. Good luck getting your undies back 😉


  6. romi41

    That was a fantastic review…I was more in awe of how you wrote that…very compelling, whether you are describing good or bad (as for the show you are talking about? Meh, I’m not the demographic…lol)

    PS: there are so many reviews where there are ZERO positive points listed…yours had more than ten I think…so indeed, why are the undies in a knot? 😉


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